How to Treat Tooth Pain with Natural Remedies

Tooth pain is unbearable to endure! Have you ever experienced difficulty when you are trying to alleviate this unbearable pain? Tooth pain occurs suddenly and for sure, it going to spoil your entire routine of the day. You are confused and dazzled when you have this insufferable pain. Let’s say you get suddenly hit by tooth pain in the early hours of the morning, say 3am, what will you do? There are plenty of natural remedies which help to get relief from this pain in your tooth.

Before knowing the natural remedies, you also need to know the causes of tooth pain.

Tooth Pain Causes

  1. Tooth decay
  2. Infection
  3. Loose or Boken fillings
  4. Receding Gums

The above are some causes of tooth pain. Well – keep reading to know about the natural home remedies for tooth pain which helps to get relief from this unbearable pain.

Effective Tooth Pain Remedies

Luckily – these natural remedies for tooth pain it helps to alleviate the pain and even more, these all are best-proven tooth pain home remedies.

1. Cold Compress

Cold compress is the best remedy for tooth pain or especially effective if you have a tooth pain due to injury or swollen gums. It also helps to numb the pain, reduce swelling and inflammation.

How You Can Do
You can take the ice pack or a bag of frozen peas and put it directly on the outside of the cheek for several minutes.

2. Saltwater Mouthwash

You can use salt water as a mouthwash, rinse with this solution as it helps to remove food particles lodged in cavities or between teeth. However, it is best for the healing process, reducing swelling and relieve a sore throat.

How You Can Do
You can easily make this solution by dissolving 1 tsp of salt into a cup of warm water. You ought to swish this solution maximum for about 30 seconds before spit out. You should repeat the same process for instant relief.

3. Garlic

Garlic has countless properties that are quite effective for medicinal purposes. The allicin compound found in garlic which contains anti-bacterial properties, these properties helps to kill the bacteria of your mouth.

How You Can Do
You can take a fresh garlic clove and press it against the affected tooth also you can mash a clove, add a little bit salt and apply this mixture with the help of fingertips to the affected area.

4. Peppermint Tea

Same like cloves, peppermint is best for numb the pain or even soothe tooth pain within no time. The menthol flavour and smell in peppermint tea are said to be anti-bacterial.

How You Can Do
Get dried peppermint leaves and put it into a cup of boiled water and steeped it for maximum 15 to 20 minutes. After that, let it for cool then swish your mouth with this solution and get rid of tooth pain within no time.

Additionally, take a cotton ball and pour a few drops of peppermint oil onto it then apply it directly to the affected area, but it is temporary remedy.

5. Aloe vera

Aloe vera gel is getting from succulent plant’s leaves, and this gel is best for the healing process and minor cuts. Many people use aloe vera gel for the cleaning and soothing gums.

According to several studies has natural anti-bacterial properties which can kill the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

How You Can Do
You can directly apply the aloe vera gel to the affected tooth and start gently massage with the help of finger.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that home remedies for tooth pain give you temporary relief only. If the tooth pain lasts for more than a day or two, then you ought to immediately consult your dentist!

Thankfully – here you come to know about the natural remedies which help to get relief immediately.

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