What are the Precautions after Rhinoplasty Surgery?

A nose surgery or Rhinoplasty can fix different nose shape and size defects. For a person who undergoes nose surgery, there are many instructions to follow in the coming days. This article discusses the precautions after Rhinoplasty surgery.  If you have just had or want to have a nose job, you should follow the following precautionary measures. Please continue reading to learn more.

Precautions after a Rhinoplasty

Wound Care

·         The plastic splint on the outside of your nose will be removed after one week.
·         The patient will start using a saline spray in the nose two days after the surgery.
·         The nose may drain blood or mucus for one or two days. The drip pad will absorb them.
·         If the patient has had an implant inserted into the chin, the chin will have a dressing tape.
·         If some cartilage has been taken from the ear to put in the nose, the ear will also get affected.

·         The surgeon will ask you to apply an ointment if a small incision has been made between the nostril tissues.

Activity Restrictions

·         The patient can wear glasses if they rest lightly on the nose.
·         Driving is prohibited for one day. The patient can drive after 24 hours.
·         The patient should sleep on the back with the head raised on two pillows for a few nights.
·         The patient should use ice packs across the eyes and splints for some time before going to sleep.
·         During the first week, the patient can walk but blowing the nose is prohibited to avoid damage.


·         There is no restriction on diet. The patient can eat as per the routine.
·         If it is painful or not easy to swallow hard food, the patient should eat soft food.
·         Drinking plenty of water is good to end the effects of anesthesia and to recover earlier.
·         The patient may not be able to smell things properly for some days but it will be fine in a few days.


·         Some patients will also have to take dexamethasone for a week.
·         The patient should regularly take the pain medicine prescribed by the surgeon.
·         In some cases, the surgeon may prescribe antibiotic medicines. The patient should keep taking prescribed antibiotic medicines.
·         Some people have to take medicines for some other health problem. The patient can start taking other medicines one day after the surgery.

Visits to the Clinic

·         In the case of “bolster” dressing sewn to the ear, the patient has to visit the clinic after two days.
·         The patient will have to visit the surgeon after 7 days or as per the instructions of the surgeon.
·         After that, the next visit to the clinic will be due one month after Rhinoplasty or nose job.
·         The patient will have to keep vesting the clinic after three, six, and twelve months.

Long-Term Care

·         Some surgeons also ask the patient to practice some nasal exercises.
·         Bruising around the nose in the cheeks and lower eyelids are very common after nose surgery.
·         It is important to protect the nose from the sun for three months because the effects of sun exposure will cause swelling and slow down the healing process.
·         It is common to have some numbness over the nose; the patient will regain the sensation slowly.
·         During the early days, the patient may not be able to breathe properly using the nose. The patient will be able to do so once the surgeon cleans the nose.
·         Swelling of the nose and the area around the cheek and upper lip is normal. It will end with the passage of time. Some swelling will appear again when the plastic splint will be removed.


The nose job is not a major surgery but taking the right care is the key to success for all patients. It takes a few days to feel normal and the new nose will make the patient happy and confident. If you are interested in Rhinoplasty or nose surgery, you should consult a plastic surgeon. If you need more help, please book an appointment with your plastic surgeon.
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