The Top 10 Signs You Are in Ketosis

Yes, getting into ketosis is the main goal, but how will you know when you’ve reached it? Well, the chances are that you may have already experienced some of its first signs, but you just overlooked them.

Though ketosis is something that everyone who just started a
ketodiet is looking forward to, your body probably won’t have a great way of announcing that it is in ketosis. Not to worry — even the most inconvenient signs of ketosis pass in a week or two, and it is only uphill from there!

The Top 10 Signs You Are in Ketosis

1.  The most common sign, and usually the first one to occur that you are in ketosis is bad breath. It happens to the majority of dieters, and thus even earned the name “keto breath.”  The reason why this happens is also known as halitosis, which means that our bodies are just starting to adjust to the elevated ketone production. This results in the formation of a specific ketone (acetone) in our mouths and urine, which has an unpleasant fruity smell. Though it is highly inconvenient and quite embarrassing, at least it means you are doing something right!
2.   After the inconvenient keto breath, one of the most common signs that you are in ketosis is the infamous keto flu. Though it is listed as just one sign (or side effect), it has lots of symptoms that may not occur at the same time. If you have the keto flu, you may experience a decrease in physical performance, irritability, nausea, brain fog and migraines.

The main reason for this phenomenon is that your body is going through a deficit of glucose that has been your main fuel source up until now but has not yet produced enough ketones to replace it. The keto flu usually passes in the first week of your keto diet, and is followed up by the next sign on our list, which you will love!
3.   Once you’ve endured the living hell that is the keto flu, you can start enjoying your increased energy levels! Your body has begun producing enough ketones to sustain you by now, which results in a
sudden boost in energy. This is also probably the best time for you to start working out and make the best of this energy!

You will also be able to focus more in this period, meaning that this sign could also be called the “productivity sign,” due to its many benefits. Along with the weight loss, increased energy is something to look forward to, don’t you think?
4.   Another way for you to know that you are in ketosis is a loss of appetite. This sign happens because your body starts producing a much smaller amount of a hormone called ghrelin once you reduce your carb intake. Ghrelin is more commonly known as the hormone of hunger, meaning that once its production decreases, you will be feeling full for a longer period. Who knew that being on a diet could make you feel less hungry?
5.   On a more unpleasant note, you may also start experiencing digestive issues. This is another sign that you are in ketosis, and even though it is highly inconvenient, it passes quickly. Some dieters experience constipation, whereas others experience diarrhea. Although experiencing both of these means that you are finally in ketosis, you may want to skip this part and get into your diet more easily. You can do this by gradually lowering your carb intake, to avoid getting your metabolism in a state of shock.

6.   Another sign that will show that you are in ketosis is insomnia. Once you start your keto diet, you are changing your primary fuel source, so minor side effects like this one are to be expected. Of course, your insomnia will pass in no time, and you’ll be getting more sleep than ever!
7.   Once you start your diet, your body will start releasing water that was held back in your fat cells. This usually causes a dieter’s increase in urination. This is probably one of the most reliable signs that you are in ketosis!

8.   And, once your increased urination kicks in, your metabolism will require more water to make up for the loss. What’s more, not only is your body getting rid of the water, it is getting rid of
electrolytes as well! This means that you may start experiencing dry mouth and a thirst increase.
9.  This sign is probably the reason why you started your diet in the first place — it is weight loss! Though you may have thought that this one is a given, you’ll be surprised to hear that the weight loss that happens when you start getting into ketosis does not mean that you are losing fat. You are losing water instead!

10. Getting a specialized meter that will calculate your beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) levels is an excellent idea because you will be sure that your body is producing an optimal amount of ketones.
If you are experiencing any of these signs, you’re in luck! No matter how unpleasant some of these get, at least you know you’re doing something right. Happy ketosis, everybody!
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