Does Massage Therapy Relieve Your Pain or Help With Depression?

In past, the massage is only available in the luxurious spas and health clubs. Now, this therapy you can found in hospital, clinics, and business. This therapy has been gained lots of popularity last few years because of its significant health benefits like body pain relief, anxiety and depression. But the important question is this therapy really benefited to relieve your pain or help with depression?

Does Massage Therapy Relieve Your Pain or Help With Depression?

What is massage therapy?

In a massage therapy, a professional therapist will press your soft tissue and promote relaxation. The therapist will rub and press the muscle with their soft hand to enhance your body functionality. Massage can be based from the deep pressure to light stroking.

According to the expert, this therapy has been used in China for last 300 years ago. This therapy has used to ease the physical pain or aches, calm to mind and improve their mood.

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Here are some different form of massage therapies

Trigger Point Massage

A trigger point massage is a form of Remedial massage which can be target direct pressure to specified muscle tissue. Trigger point massage therapy is specifically designed to overcome the source of the pain through isolated pressure.

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Swedish Massage

This is general massage and the main goal of this massage to relax the entire body. This massage is uses tapping, vibration, and circular movement to promote relax and energize your body.

Sport Massage

Sport massage is a type of Swedish massage and specially developed to help athletes to prepare their body for better performance and function well in the big event. 

Deep Massage

This type of massage is more forceful massage to target a deeper layer of your body muscles in order to help to muscle damage from the injuries.


This is another form of massage which can similar to the acupuncture technique. In this technique, the therapist targets a particular point on your body with their figures, thumbs and palm. This technique helps to promote energy and increase a deeply relaxing experience.

Chair Massage

Nowadays, the chair massage is the latest type of massage. In this therapy, you need to sit on a special type of chair. This chair automatically massages you by the vibration technique and takes a short time of the session. Apart from this, this therapy does not need to take off your clothes before the massage.

How Massage Therapy Works For Pain Relief

Therapy is a natural way to relieve the pain of your body. Many of the studies have been proved that this therapy is really effective to relieve the body pain. It will help to increase the flow of the blood and promote relaxation. According to the AMTA , this technique helps these five painful conditions.

  • Help to decrease the low back pain, reduce disability and depression.
  • Help to reduce pain and improve quality of life.
  • Health to deals with Post-operative Pain.
  • Help to decrease the tension headaches.
  • Help to decrease the pain of arthritis patients.

How Massage Therapy Eases Depression?

According to the touch research institute, massage therapy can help to ease the depression. Here are some benefits of massage therapy in their research.

  • Help to improve the overall sense.
  • Help to improve your sleep.
  • Help to decrease body pain.
  • Help to decrease stress.
  • Help to decrease serotonin level in your body.


Massage therapy really helps to relieve pain and overcome depression from your body. You can also choose an experienced therapist expert for massage and get a relief from all the pain and depressions.

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