Tips On How To Improve Healthy Digestion During Winter

The winter months are always cold and dry, and they can cause some havoc on your digestive process due to several different reasons. For a start, you might be exercising a bit less because of the cold outside or you can be so busy planning parties and preparing holiday gifts. Secondly, holiday parties seems to happen every week, which can make you to eat too much, or eat unhealthy foods, and teh worst f them all, the booze!

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Thirdly, lower temperatures can cause slower metabolism. Having all these in mind, then little wonder why people does not only gain weight during winter, but also experience stomach and digestive issues.

Tips On How To Improve Healthy Digestion During Winter

With all these, you do not need to fall victim to the effects of winter in your digestion. There are few, simple things you can do to promote healthy digestion, so that you won't feel sluggish during winter.

5 Tips To Improve Digestion During Winter

1. Eat winter greens

Though snow covers can be observed in almost everywhere on the ground, you should still sort out some greens in the winter. Eating varieties of seasonal winter greens is a perfect way to improve digestion. Green in general contain fibre, which helps to bulk up your stool and also keep them regular. In addition, consuming lots of fibre makes you feel fuller for longer period, so that you will not be tempted to over eat during those holiday parties. With the availability of lots of winter greens, you can use them in several ways such as in soups, wraps, salads, and broths.

2. Ghee

If you have not heard about ghee, let me give you a brief explanation of what it is. Ghee is a clarified butter made from butterfat, milk solids, and water that stems from India. Ghee does not only have the potency of improving digestion, it also boosts the immune system, which is very important during the cold winter months that many people are vulnerable to flu infection. Ghee also promotes healthy gut bacteria, which is the major way it helps in improving digestion. Ghee is a perfect substitute for refined oils as it makes dishes healthier.

3. Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices is well known for improving the immune system as well a boosting digestion. They can be easily added to soups, beverages, as well as meats and vegetables. They also help in reducing your salt intake as they add more flavour to your foods than salt.

4. Fibre

We all know that fibre is key to healthy digestion. As mentioned earlier, fibre promotes bowel regularity, it bulks up stool, and also prevents overeating. High fibre-containing foods are also beneficial for your heart health as well as they can reduce high cholesterol levels.

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5. Staying hydrated

Instead of gulping that wine or mixed drink, you can simply drink wine to stay hydrated. when you are hydrated, it prevents bloating and also helps to flush out various toxins found in your body. Water can also help you fee full, thereby preventing unhealthy overeating. Lastly, being well hydrated aids in digestion and ensure that things keep moving along in your system so that you don't feel constipated. Drinking warm water is another perfect way of promoting healthy digestion during winter and always.
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