10 Healthy Eating Tips For You To Stay Healthy During Festive Seasons

The most difficult part of the festive season is trying to maintain your health goals, as you tend to indulge in various bad eating habits. With numerous delicious meals right in front of your eyes during the holiday and festive seasons, I know it is difficult to resist. But not worry, I am here to guide you in having a healthy festive season, while making the most of it. To be honest, it is quite difficult to resist anything tempting that comes you way during the holiday or festive season. So let me show you some holiday eating tips that will be helpful for you until the New Year.

10 Healthy Eating Tips For You To Stay Healthy During Festive Seasons

10 Healthy Eating Tips During Holidays or Festive Seasons

1. Do not skip meals

So many people thought it is wise to skip a meal or two before the main event during festive seasons. But let me make this clear to you. It is not a good idea to skip meals in order to make room for the calories you will consume later. In fact, i is probably the worst thing you can do. When you skip meals, you tend to slow down your metabolism, and this will likely make you to overeat during your holiday dinner. Instead of skipping meals, the best option is to eat something healthy and well balanced.

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2. Schedule some moments to exercise

During festive periods, it will be a wise idea for you to plan your routine and fix some tome for exercise in it. The holidays and festive seasons are always busy and stressful, and you might find it difficult to have something like exercise in your schedule. Since it is obvious that you might likely be eating much during this period, you should schedule some period to workout, this will be useful in shedding off those extra pounds.

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3. Make your own healthy holiday recipe

Taking time to prepare your own foods is a way of promoting healthy eating during festive seasons. You might not know the food quality of foods you bought from outside, but when you make your own foods, you will know exactly the ingredients you use and you can adjust it to your own satisfaction.

4. look at your options before filling the plate

You might find yourself in a big holiday party where buffet are being served. Hence, you should take your time to scan the available options first. By doing this, you can plan in your head what you are about to fill in your plate. Go for healthy balanced meals and include lots of vegetables as well.

5. Eat what you love during holidays

Do you always find yourself in a festive party and you feel like picking up every food that comes your way? This is the very reason why "tip number 4" is very important. When you plan ahead, it makes it easier for you to skip dishes you don't like and chose to eat your favourite ones. If you should think back, you will find that there are lots of festive occasions you ate foods that you o not really love. So, you should pick your favourite foods, and your health will thank you for that.

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6. Watch out those beverages
You should be careful when it comes to beverages, ne it soda or alcohol. Alcohols have the ability to add extra calories and can induce overeating since it tends to lessen inhibitors. Sodas, can also contain lots of sugar. During festive periods and always, you should try to alternate between water and your preferred beverage drink. By doing this, you will say hydrated and cut the calories you can accumulate through drinks.

7. Eat slowly

Scientifically, it takes more than 20 minutes for your brain to receive the signal that you are full. With this fact, you should try as much as possible not to eat too fast, no matter how hungry you are. You should savour every bite and partake in the ongoing conversation around the table. Or you can simply focus on how every bit of the food tastes. Always pace yourself and take your time when eating.

8. Start with vegetables

Make sure you start with vegetables while eating, especially if you are not really into veggies. This will ensure that you at least eat them. Vegetables are high in fibre, so they are good for your digestive health.

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9. Try not to fall into food coma

After eating that big meal, resist the urge of taking a nap and instead try to take some walk. Though I know it might be the last thing you want to do. But studies have shown that a 15 to 20 minutes walk after dinner contributes to better digestion and it is a good way of controlling your blood sugar.

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10. Be realistic with your health goals during festive seasons
Let us be frank. You probably might not want to lose weight or diet during the festive seasons. it brings to you so many opportunities to eat delicious foods, both healthy and unhealthy, and you might find them irresistible. If you plan to lose weight during the holiday season, you might end up being disappointed. So you should be realistic with your health goals, skip the diet and focus on ways to maintain your current weight.
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