What Is Chlamydia Infection and How Can Someone Contract It?

The sexually transmitted disease chlamydia is fairly common and easily treatable, and we will cover all the essentials for you right here.

A Look at Chlamydia

You should suspect you have chlamydia if you feel a burning or itching sensation in your vaginal or penile area. Women may experience a vaginal discharge, which usually has an odour and a cloudy colour. Men may have a discharge fromtheir penis that is similarly cloudy in colour. Both men and women may experience pain when urinating.

Chlamydia can affect more than just the reproductive organs, though. It can also be spread to the rectum, and similarsymptoms may occur there. Menand women both could notice a rectal discharge, as well as itching or burning in that area. In some cases, there may be rectal bleeding.

What Is Chlamydia Infection and How Can Someone Contract It?

Chlamydia can also cause difficulties during pregnancy. For those women who are already pregnant and who contract chlamydia, there is a high risk of the baby being infected during birth. While it can be treated by antibiotics, it’s something that’s best avoided altogether.

This is the kind of disease that is more likely to infect you the more sexually active you are. The more sexual partners you have and the more often you have sex, the higher your risk factors are.

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If you arenot sure if you have chlamydia, but you suspect that is what it is, then you should stop having sexual relations and talk to your doctor or get tested for STDs to find out for sure. You should behave as though you do have the infection until you are satisfied one way or the other.

How Chlamydia Is Spread

This disease can only be spread through sexual contact, and it can transfer from the vagina, penis or rectum to the other person. It can be spread most easily through vaginal, anal or oral sex, and an infected male does not have to ejaculate to pass it on.

Chlamydia is something that you can get again and again. Having experienced it once will not keep you from contracting it again. In order to protect yourself from this disease, you need to use the proper protection. Any sexual contact with an infected person requires protection to prevent the spread of the disease. It's not a good idea to have intercourse while infected, as it can be uncomfortable and you may pass the disease on to your partner. If you do, then a condom should be used the entire time, even for oral sexual intercourse.

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Chlamydia can be avoided by limiting your sexual partners, checking your partners for signs of STDs and being careful about who you have sexual relations with. Not all infected people will be forthcoming about their infections, and they may not even realise that they have an infection, so it is up to both people to protect themselves and take the necessary precautions.

To further protect yourself, it is best to be in a monogamous sexual relationship. If one or both of you are not monogamous, then getting regular testing for chlamydia and other STDs is essential. This will protect you both from contracting and spreading the disease.

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If you have chlamydia, you can prevent its spread by getting treated for the disease and refraining from sexual contact with anyone until it has cleared up. With treatment, the infection usually takes one to two weeks to completely disappear. You should take any medication your doctor or pharmacist prescribes completely and not stop just because you no longer see any sign of the infection. Just because the infection is no longer visible or irritating you, that does not mean that it has entirely gone away. 
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