5 Reasons Why Green Tea Is Perfect For Weight Loss and Burning Belly Fat

If you are familiar with green tea and its potencies, you will agree that it is one of the healthiest beverages you will find in the world today. It is rich in antioxidants and various essential substances that offers myriad of health benefits, which includes weight loss. In this post, you will get to see reasons why green tea is perfect in burning belly fat, and weight loss in general. 

5 Reasons Why Green Tea Is Perfect For Weight Loss and Burning Belly Fat

The good thing about green tea is that it is not just a hot, flavoured water, rather it contains compounds that initiates fat burning , thereby aiding weight loss. If you are trying to improve your health and burn off some extra weight, then you should adopt the habit of drinking green tea regularly.

Now, let me show you some reasons why green tea is capable of helping you lose tose extra weight in a much faster rate than expected.

5 Reasons Green Tea Is Perfect For weight Loss and Burning Belly Fat

1. It boosts metabolism

Various research or studies have linked the increase in metabolic rate with the flavonoids and caffeine found in green tea. This elevation of metabolic rates in turn supports weight loss. Another compound found in green tea, EGCG (Epigallocatechingallate), is also well known for its metabolism boosting property.

2. It helps mobilise fat from fat cells

Also, ECGC, the main antioxidant in green tea, aids the increase of the levels of hormones that triggers fat cells to break down fat. The fact is that fat from fat cells must first be broken down and transported into the bloodstream in order to burn fat. ECGC, an active compound in green tea aids the mechanism of the reaction process.

3. It increases fat burning, especially during exercise

A case study have proved that men who drank green tea and exercised, burned 17% more fat than their counterparts who did not take the healthy beverage. The study suggests that the fat burning ability of green tea gets even stronger when coupled with exercise.

4. It reduces appetite

Though various research of the effects of green tea on human appetite produces conflicting results, some studies using animals suggest that green tea may reduce the absorption of fat from the diet.

5. Green tea fights abdominal fat

If you have followed various weight loss plan and diets, you will agree with the fact that shedding visceral fat is the most difficult thing to achieve. But I will like to bring you this good news, green tea have been found to be particularly potent ay burning belly fat. Belly fat is a harmful kind of fat that is associated with various health problems like cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, obesity etc.

It has been discovered that green tea does not only assists on weight loss, but it also reduces visceral fats by as much as 58%.

So, having receiving this good news, what are you waiting for?

If you have any family member or close friend that wants to ward off that extra pounds or reduce his or her belly fat, then you should suggest they start sipping this super beverage on a regular basis. It will assist them to lose weight, have a flat belly as well s improve their overall health.

But you should also take extra care when trying to brew green tea. This is because boiling water can remove healthy chemicals found in the tea, such as catechins. The proper way is that after your water might have boiled, allow it to rest for some few minutes before pouring it over the green tea leaves.
5 Reasons Why Green Tea Is Perfect For Weight Loss and Burning Belly Fat 5 Reasons Why Green Tea Is Perfect For Weight Loss and Burning Belly Fat Reviewed by Chibuzor Aguwa on Thursday, November 02, 2017 Rating: 5

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