4 Simple and Proven Tips To Prevent Bloating and Indigestion

Do you always find yourself unbuttoning your pants after most meals? Do your stomach always appear as if you are three months pregnant after eating? Do you always find yourself burping or just feeling uncomfortable? If your answer is yes to all of these questions, then you are experiencing bloating and indigestion during those periods. 

4 Simple and Proven Tips To Prevent Bloating and Indigestion

Bloating and indigestion are not feelings or condition that looks favourable, in fact they make you feel uncomfortable. Many factors can contribute to these digestive issues, and they include; lack of exercise, diet choices, and/or underlying medical conditions. Though diet is the biggest culprit of them all that can affect your digestion. For instance, eating too quickly, eating foods you are intolerant to, or just eating the wrong type of foods can result to indigestion.

To prevent bloating and indigestion, there are few thing s you can do, and I have taken my time to highlight some of them in this very article. By following these tips, you will stop feeling sluggish as a result of indigestion and start feeling at the top of yourself once again.

4 Tips To Prevent Bloating and Indigestion

1. Avoid drinking cold fluid while eating

We have many culprits these days when it comes to this point in preventing bloating and indigestion.

When we eat, digestive enzymes are secreted. For this enzymes to work optimally, it is better you avoid drinking any sorts of cold fluids in general while eating. When you drink cold fluids as you eat, the cold fluids dilutes the digestive enzymes making them less effective in the breaking down of foods. On the other hand, drinking warm water or fluids enhances digestion as well as promoting regular bowel movements.

2. Chew your foods properly

Digestion like you already know, starts from the mouth. Chewing your foods completely means that there are no larger pieces of it entering your digestive tract. When you take time to properly chew your food, you makes it easier for your digestive system and enzymes to carry out their functions. When you eat quickly, there is a possibility of you swallowing additional air which can contribute to bloating as well. A perfect to it entails taking time to chew your foods, keeping your mouth closed, thereby preventing too much air from entering.

3. Avoid healthy foods that are difficult to digest

Though some foods are healthy for sure, but yet hard to digest. Example of such foods include milk and kale. The lactose found in dairy products is a common food intolerance (some people actually suffer from lactose intolerance because they lack the enzyme that breaks down lactose). If you are suffering from lactose intolerance, than I see no need of you gulping milk always. Kale is also rich in insoluble fibre which can be difficult to digest in the digestive tract.

4. Eat foods that promotes digestion

There are some foods that promotes digestion and you should try to eat them more often. Some of these foods includes; papaya, ginger, cumin, and fennel seed. All these types of foods helps promote more digestive enzymes in your gut.

Stop that discomfort and upset stomach, they should not be a big deal from now on. Simple follow these proven tips to prevent bloating and indigestion and live a healthy life.
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