Top 10 Secrets To Getting a Healthy Flawless Skin

Have you dreamt of having flawless skin? Want to look like a supermodel of film star? There are ways for you to make that dream a reality. While it is partially true that a lot of the images featuring celebrities with flawless skin are airbrushed or have them wearing heavy make-up, it is certainly possible for someone to achieve healthy flawless skin, by following these simple hacks:

Top 10 Secrets To Getting a Healthy Flawless Skin

10 Tips For a Healthy Flawless Skin


Sleep for eight hours daily

An average human being spends around one-third of his life sleeping. Nature has perfectly set this mechanism, where sleep helps reset the entire body down to the molecular level. So when you go without sleep for even a day, you become highly irritable. When you go without sleep for more than two days, you can see small follicular eruptions. This is because your body needs sleep to maintain metabolism, temperature, and take care of the wear and tear of the body. When you are sleep deprived, the body fails to care of this wear and tear. If you want to truly understand the consequences of not having adequate and proper sleep, observe people with raccoon eyes - where there is increased pigmentation around the eyes called dark circles

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Protect your skin from sunlight

We need Vitamin D from sunlight, but there is a limit to it. After the depletion of ozone, the effects of the sun are more than normal. Look at the number of skin cancer cases among the people who do sunbathe. Sunlight is known to be a causative factor for the following;

  • Freckling
  • Skin thinning
  • Wrinkles
  • Facial line
  • Skin cancer

This clearly shows that you need protection from sunlight. Here are simple and easy ways to protect your skin from sunlight:

  1. Wear clothing that covers you to the maximum.
  2. Use sunscreens to apply over face, neck, and hands.
  3.  Avoid roaming outside in the sun.
  4. Try to finish shopping and any other work before the sun is harsh or after sunset (as far as possible).
  5. Use face packs at home to remove the dead skin layer, debris, and tan.
  6. Use sunscreens even when it is cloudy.
  7. Wear sunglasses.
  8. If you are walking on the road, try walking in the shade and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Learn how to relax

The stress in our body leads to an increase in cortisol levels in the blood. The high levels of cortisol are responsible for various skin reactions. The underlying physiology is the psychosomatic axis of human body functioning. This just means that the skin and brain are connected. That’s why when you are depressed, your skin loses that glow or charm. People who are having cognitive disturbances usually have other problems of skin like rashes, scaling, dryness, etc. Studies have shown that stress worsens psoriasis which further strengthens this notion.

Moisturize regularly

Our bodies comprise of almost 70% of water. The health of the integument depends on the moisture content. This is because your cells cannot survive without water. That is why adequate drinking water is necessary. Do not replace water with carbonated drinks. If the skin is still dry, then go for moisturizers. Find the right moisturizers to match your skin type.

Do regular workouts

If you truly want to nourish your body with nutrients, you must ensure that there is a good flow of blood in the microvasculature of the skin. The best way to do this is to work out. When you do regular workouts, the blood flow to the skin improves, which ensures that the toxic products are washed away, and nutrients are supplied. This is why you should regularly work out your whole body. It would be best if you work out till you are drenched in your own sweat, for guaranteed results.

Wash your face every night

The air is so polluted these days that a few minutes out in the sun will deposit a layer of pollutants on your face. When you go to sleep with that, your skin is deprived of nutrients. So before you hit the sack, wash your face to remove that debris.

Lay off excess sugar

Sugar is not so good for your skin. Apart from increasing your waistline, this leads to aging too. The yogis in the mountains of the Himalayas look very young, which they attribute to the absence of sugar from their diet. Sugar damages the collagen of the skin, making you look older than you actually are.

Be gentle with your skin

Your skin is very tender. Every time you scrub your face, you not only remove the debris, but also damage some healthy cells. So the next time you are scrubbing your face, do it slowly.

Don’t pick your skin

It is the habit of some people to pick pimples off their face while watching television or reading a book. Avoid this, as it will damage your skin further, leading to more pimples. If you are in the habit of picking your skin, then stop it immediately.

Don’t smoke.

Smoking is very bad for your skin because of the compounds it contains. Apart from being carcinogenic, it gets deposited in your body, affecting your quest for flawless skin.

Follow the aforementioned tips, and in no time you’ll have the complexion you’ve always dreamed of.

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