5 Amazing Benefits Of Turmeric Powder in Health and Beauty

Whenever you have the think about turmeric powder, the first thing that comes to your mind are curry, flavour and colour. Besides turmeric powder being a delight in foods, it also possess some number of health benefits. Turmeric spice have been used for centuries in India, China, and Indonesia to combat various ailments because of its medicinal properties. An expert claimed that the reason why turmeric have so many health benefits is because of its yellow colour.

Health Benefits Of Turmeric Powder

1. It possess anti-inflammatory properties

As a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, turmeric can fight against bacteria in your body. You can simply benefit from this spice by drinking 150mL of water with a teaspoon of it.

2. It can be used to prevent heart disease

Doctors are trying to employ the use of turmeric in preventing heart disease. According to an expert, the instrument that gives turmeric its colour, curcumin, is highly beneficial to the body in the same way as exercise is. With the antioxidant it properties it contains, both factors help to reduce the risk of heart disease.

3. It fights against stomach upset

Stomach upset is not what you wish to experience, and it can be very painful to treat. Turmeric powder can be used as natural remedy in treating stomach upset. Research from the University of Maryland Medical Centre discovered that this is as a result of the spice stimulating the gallbladder to produce bile and increase digestion.

4. God for the skin

Various beauty gurus do make face mask by using turmeric powder. They add other natural ingredients with the spice to promote skin radiance and treat skin ailments such as dryness or acne scaring. According to a source, a mixture of turmeric, plain yoghurt and honey can be used to create such a face mask.

5. Good for the hair and scalp

Apart from using turmeric powder to achieve a radiant skin, it is also used to reduce dandruff and oi on the scalp. You can simply use it on your hair the same way it is used in the face mask for your skin. Using fresh crushed  turmeric mixed with olive oil is a good way to reduce dandruff and add moisture to your scalp.

After reading to this stage, I guess you are now aware that turmeric powder is not only used in foods, you can actually make use of it in enhancing your beauty as well. You can go ahead in using this natural ingredient in benefiting you overall health and wellness.
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