See What Your Lips Colour Tells About Your Health Status

It will be wise for you to know that the first sign of any disease is mostly observed on your lips, no wonder Chinese medicine expert refer to it as the window to your health. When you notice a colour change in your lips, it is a way your body is trying to tell you that something is wrong. The status of our body, its internal organs, blood and temperature can be understood just by observing the colour of our lips. Read on, as you get to see what the colout of your lips tells you about your health status. 

See What Your Lips Colour Tells About Your Health Status

1. Pale or white lips

Having a pale or white lips is a clear indication that you are suffering from anaemia. It actually means that your body lacks red blood cells or haemoglobin. Haemoglobin is a pigment in the red blood cells that binds and carries oxygen (in the form of oxyhaemoglobin). If your body is lacking any of these, then there is a tendency of your lips turning pale or white. You can easily increase your haemoglobin by eating iron-rich foods like spinach, breads and dried fruits so as to remedy this unhealthy condition.

2. Red lips

Having a red coloured lips actually means that your body is overheated. During such condition, you will observe additional signs like bad breath and cravings for snacks. According to medical experts, this condition actually means that you have a dysfunctional liver, which makes a lot of heat to be released in your body. Apart from this, red lips is also a sign of an allergy from any kind of food or liquid which makes your lips to swell.

3. Purple of blue lips

Purple or blue lips is a normal phenomenon during winter, but it should not be ignored if it persist for a long time. This is because it may be an indication that you are suffering from a heart or respiratory issue. It also means that you are experiencing an improper circulation of blood in your body. it there is a manifestation of green line around your lips, it is a sign of poor blood circulation around your liver or spleen.

4. Dark red to blue lips

Having a dark red to blue lips is a simple indication that you need to detoxify your body immediately by consuming healthy foods and liquids. It actually means that you digestive system is stressed due to detoxification, and your body needs to get rid of these toxins that causes the harm. Maintaining an alkaline diet can be of help in this case.

5. Purple line around lips

According to Chinese medicine, having a purple or greenish lines around your lips simply indicates the presence of an imbalance of energy in your body. It means that negative energy is overpowering your body. You can remedy this condition by consuming foods that are neutral in nature, and mild in terms of spices.

6. Rosy pink

This is the right colour of lips to have. Rosy pink lips simply implies that you have a healthy body with a balanced mind. Having this lips colour means that you are doing everything possible to keep your body fit, and your diet and fitness regime suits your body perfectly.

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