6 Reasons You Might Start Eating Snails, Check Them Out

Snail actually fall into the group of one of the slowest creatures in the world, but you might be amazed with the qualities it possessed. It actually gives lots of health benefits to humans when ingested. It is highly rich in vitamins, protein and amino acid, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and essential fatty acids. Let me now introduce to you 6 reasons you should be including snails in your meal.

6 Health Benefits Of Eating Snails

1. Snails are good for your brain

Snail is highly rich in omega-3 fatty acids which helps in the development of the brain and memory of growing children. If you sure want to give the memory and brain of your children a boost, then including snails in their meals wouldn't be a bad idea. Omega-3 improves the brain health because it affects the development of cell membranes in the neurological system.

2. Snails are great source of vitamins

Snail contains vitamins A, E, B1, B3, B6 and B12. Vitamin A is very important for the health of your eyes, while vitamin E also act as an antioxidant too. The omega-3 acid and folate it contains are also good for pregnant women.

3. Snails aids bone development

The magnesium found in snails is also beneficial for your bone health. Magnesium is needed for more than 325 enzymatic reactions, neural activity, bone metabolism, muscle contraction and relaxation, and also for cardiac activity.

4. Snails promotes good health

Snails are high in potassium and at the same time have low concentration of sodium, which makes them good for maintaining the level of your blood pressure. It also reduces the risk of stroke, heart and kidney disease.

5. Snails fights cancer

Snails also contain glycoprotein, which is believed to possess properties that fights against cancer. The mucous exuded by snails contain copper compound which provides healing after an injury or scaling, and it also helps to prevent ailments related to the heart.

6. Snails helps in cell rejuvenation

Snails also contains iron, which is needed by your body to ensure the availability of the required daily number of blood cells. Iron helps to transport oxygen into the tissues of your lungs and it also transports electrons in the formation of energy in your body cells.

Before now, you might be eating snails because of its sweet taste, but now you have realised more reasons you have to be eating it, because of its health benefits. Don't just enjoy this information alone, simply hit the share buttons below to get it across to your friends and families in all social media.
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