Hair transplant In Turkey – A True Story

Surprisingly, hair transplant in Turkey is one industry that continues to thrive despite political instability and constant fear of terror attacks. Turkey, a country famous for its culture and beautiful beaches is more popular for its hair transplant treatment which is a billion dollar industry.  

Hair transplant In Turkey – A True Story

Thousands of people from the Middle East and Europe come here for treatment every month and you can gauge its popularity by finding around 350 hair transplant clinics in Istanbul alone. The main criterion for its success is the cheap hair transplant cost in Turkey that works in its favor.

Undergoing hair restoration in Europe is a costly affair and it can set you back by more than $18000 whereas, you can get the same treatment for as low as $2000 in Turkey. That’s quite a steal! So, having a hair transplant in Turkey is a viable option for many.

The same holds true for me also. I am Peter Smith a 28 years old software engineer living in London who visited Turkey just a couple of months ago for a hair transplant and am very happy with my decision.

Why Did I Decide To Go For A Hair Transplant?

Hair loss was an issue for me since a long time and it was a very depressing sight seeing a lot of hair on your pillow the first thing in the morning. Also, the drastic hair shedding was giving way to a bald patch which was getting prominent day by day.

Hair transplant did cross my mind several times but the exorbitant cost of it in my country dampened my hopes as it was impossible for me to afford the surgery.
I did try other options for hair growth like lotions and medications but unfortunately, nothing worked.

Once while browsing through the net I came across hair transplant Turkey and got intrigued. On further research, I discovered that it was quite common to travel to another country for a better and cheaper treatment option.

How Did I Zero Down On Turkey?

After extensive research I settled for Turkey as it was one of the most discussed destinations and I had read many positive reviews about it. Even the flight tickets were quite reasonable as it was not too far away. I was a little tense about my safety due to the political turmoil and bombing but then, attacks can happen anywhere and made up my mind to travel to Turkey for the surgery.

In Turkey for the surgery

When I landed in Turkey I was received at the airport and taken to the hotel. Later in the day, I had the consultation with the doctor who was a warm and friendly person. He was highly experienced and I met many other patients at his clinic. My surgery was scheduled for the next day.

At the start of the surgery, I was a little restless. Seeing my anxiety the doctor had a small talk with me and calmed me down. I was made to lie on my side so that they could inject local anesthesia in my donor area. They gave me multiple shots in my scalp to make it numb so that I may not feel the pain.

Finally, they started extracting the follicles. It’s not a painful process but the constant buzzing of the motorized punch removing the hair follicles made me a little nervous.

After my scalp area was prepared I was padded up and taken for a light lunch.  On returning, the actual grafting took place. I could feel them inserting the new hair follicles from the pressure they applied on my scalp.

It took around 7 to 8 hours for completing the surgery.

That’s pretty good as I had assumed it to be a long process as FUE (follicular unit extraction) is a time-consuming procedure.

How Was My Experience?

All in all, it was a good experience. I stayed back for a few days in Turkey to soak in its hospitality and experience its bustling bazaar. I had a good time and returned home all charged-up.

I am satisfied with the way my surgery went and am happy about my new hairline. They went about with the surgery in a very organized and professional way.

There was minimum scarring and the face did swell up for a few days. Though I did not look my best at that time it was not an issue as I found many people in the same condition with a bandage on the head roaming the streets of Turkey. All were medical tourists who had come here for hair transplant.

All the scabbing and scarring disappeared within a couple of weeks and when I returned to work after two weeks I looked quite normal except for a new hairline.

As the doctor had predicted, my transplanted hair has started shedding after 6 weeks so that they can make way for my new permanent hair…I am so excited!

 I will have to wait for at least 6 to 8 months for the final results which I am fairly confident about.

Post-surgery Care

The doctor had advised me not to go out in direct sunlight so I always wear a hat when I am outdoors. However, in the office it’s not necessary as it is fully air-conditioned. Initially, I felt a lot of itchiness on my scalp which was hard to resist but it subsided with time.

Many of my friends and colleagues have noticed and commented about my new hairline. They were eager to know my experience.

I am happy with my decision regarding my hair restoration and I thoroughly recommend Turkey to all my friends and relatives who are experiencing hair loss and baldness.

It’s not a big deal to travel there for surgery. Plus, I have saved a substantial amount of money as hair transplant cost in Turkey is very affordable and also the Turkish people are very helpful and hospitable.

Now I know why hair transplant in Turkey is flourishing at such a rapid rate and is the go-to destination for people like me.
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