7 Best Cycling Recovery Techniques After a Road Race

As a cyclist, recovery from a road race should be an important component of your overall training plan. If you do not follow the necessary steps to properly recover after a bike race, you can increase your risk of getting injured. To make things worse, you may even limit your participations in future race events. Below are some cycling recovery techniques that will make you maintain optimal performance as you cycle down the road.

7 Best Cycling Recovery Techniques After a Road Race

7 Cycling Recovery Techniques For Optimal Performance

1. Cool down before full stop

After crossing the end line of a race, you should take about 5 minutes to continue spinning slowly. The reason is because the blood vessels in your legs were undergoing expansion during a race, so if you stop suddenly, the blood will just stay in a place like pool of water. If you follow this instruction, it can make you lightheaded and minimizes your body's ability to get fresh blood in and metabolic waste out. There are still several hours of recovery time and muscle repair, and it all begins with this cool down process.

2. Keep moving once you get off your bike

If you allow your body to stop moving after a race, every of your muscle tightens up and may get stiff and sore. After you might have undergone your five-minute cool-down period where you cycled around slowly, get off your bike and keep moving. This is because you muscles need to contract, so you should walk for 5 minutes when you get off your bike.

3. Keep yourself hydrated

After a race, you should not forget to drink some water and keep yourself hydrated. This is because dehydration can delay your recovery process. There are lot of protein-rich drinks such as chocolate milk, which serve as good recovery drink. But drinking plain water or some electrolyte type of water is also perfect.

4. Power your recovery with protein

To start off your muscle repair, you should eat lots of protein. Protein is highly important for your recovery after a cycle race. You can start by having a protein-rich snack after your race is over and you have started cooling down.

Foods that are high in protein include; beef, chicken, nuts , fish, and high protein shake. This foods will help decrease any muscle damage and help promote muscle repair and recovery.

5. Try compression socks

After an intensive bike ride, you can reduce your muscle soreness, fatigue and swelling by using compression wear such as compression socks. Since your muscles sends back blood to the chest, compression muscle are highly recommended. Not only do they have the ability to accelerate this recirculation process, they can also help improve blood oxygen levels, making you to have full recovery.

7. Get a massage

A good massage on your legs will help push out the fluids carrying waste products during muscle breakdown. A massage also helps to improve circulation and allow fresh blood to flow in more easily to aid muscle repair. Massage can also help to break down the knots that may form in your body from muscle overuse.

7. Get yourself back with plenty of rest

To wrap it up, rest is important for your recovery and muscle repair. It can give healing to your overall body. Your muscle-building hormones increase while you sleep, and they are important for repairing your muscles while you train and after a bike race.
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