Vaccinations And Various Opinion Concerning Vaccines

If you should take your time and conduct a study about vaccination for a while, you will discover a lot of views and ideas that is being adopted by different kinds of people. You will eventually realise that there are both positive and negative notions people are having concerning vaccination. Different people belong to this two different school-of-thought. 

Vaccinations And Various Opinion Concerning Vaccines

The question that will be running in the minds of many would be, "what is the real truth about vaccination"? We all know how beneficial vaccines have been to mankind ever since it was discovered, but why are some people still harbouring negative assumptions about it? What negative effect does vaccination have? Basically, i would love to know, and the question I am actually asking is, what is the main reason that makes some set of people to have negative beliefs about vaccination? why are they actually against it? What exactly is the truth against such arguments?

Before we proceed further, let us have an idea of what vaccination is all about.

What Is A vaccine?

A vaccine is known as a substance that is given to humans in order to stimulate the body's production of antibodies and to provide immunities against a particular disease. Vaccines are normally prepared from the agent that causes the disease itself or from other synthetic substances.

What Is Vaccination?

Vaccination is simply the inoculation with a vaccine, in order to protect human from a particular disease, or a particular strain of a disease.

Inoculation in its simple definition is just the introduction of a vaccine or an antigenic substance into the human body, in order to produce immunity to  a specific disease.

History Of Vaccines and Vaccination

Vaccinations have been saving the lives of millions of people in the world right from the time of its inception till today. The history of vaccination is traced to the year 1796, when Edward Jenner invented the "small pox" vaccine. Edward Jenner is known till date as the "father of immunology".

Before the invention of small pox vaccines by Jenner, it was estimated that over half a billion of people living in that time are suffering from this small pox infection. By the way, we all know how science inventions work, how they are culminations of years of work by so many different scientist. Edward Jenner, however, eventually received the most credit on small pox vaccine because he perfected the discovery. There is also an article explaining krokodil and its effects.

Still on the invention of vaccines, Louis Pasteur took the responsibility upon himself to combat killer diseases by going into pioneer research to create vaccines against rabies and anthrax. Pasteur is known as one the greatest heroes of science, he was among those that invented the sterile technique that medical practitioners are using today to protect themselves against infections.

Presently in the world today, various vaccines have been invented against diseases like; measles, tetanus, rubella, mumps, hepatitis, polio, influenza, chickenpox, HPV (human parpiloma virus), pneumonia, and the list goes on. Nigeria, was sometime last year declared by the WHO (World Health Organisation) as a polio free nation. This is achievement came to pass all because of the existence of the polio vaccine.

Is Vaccination Beneficial To Human Kind?

Speaking from my own point of view, the answer will definitely be a big YES! That is my truth about vaccination, but it is quite free for you to have your own opinion. During my growing years as a child, it was very obvious to see different children been inflicted by polio. Some eventually led to many being crippled, and some actually died from it. I am very happy with the fact that today, Nigeria have been declared a polio free nation. A lot of polio vaccination outreach was embarked on, both in schools and house to house visitation program, no wonder polio stands no chance of existing.

In the world today, small pox have been eradicated completely, all thanks to the invention of vaccines and vaccination. In addition, so many other thousands of diseases are been eradicated only basis, which makes millions of humans to still be alive up till date. All these came to pass, just because of the inventions of vaccination.

Nothing Can Be Compared With The Prevention Of Diseases

We all know that the main purpose of vaccination is disease prevention. With the popular saying that "prevention is better than cure", then i think we thumbs up should be given to both the inventors of vaccines and vaccination itself. We all agree that vaccines do involve some kind of risks, but generally, they ate mild compared to the diseases that they prevent. That is the reason why we have data on various vaccines and their side effects. Yes, scientist do admit that there are possibilities of side effects, but the rate must be very small. If it is not occurring on a very small scale, then there would have been widespread side effects that will be visible in large numbers of people.

As to the reason why some group of people are having negative thoughts about vaccination. The anti-vaccination movement is dates as far back as history can tell. It is built on the basis of some misunderstanding of basic science and research. Much of the negative beliefs are due to what psychologists call the "attribution error". Most people feel like knowing the cause for all effects.

The Truth About Vaccination

These are my summary concerning the real truth about vaccination:

The truth is that it is only small percentage of the human population that have some kind of negative reaction to some vaccines. This is usually a minute case. Side effects can present itself in the form of few rashes on the skin.

The truth is that the data used in spreading fear about vaccines causing autism was simply a falsified one, and trying to remedy a widespread fear is almost impossible. The data that was falsified gave the parents of the autistic children a reason to blame someone for their children's autism, so the myth persist.

The truth about vaccines is that they are definitely a miracle of modern science, which makes a huge population of the human race to still be alive today.

The truth about the group of people that are anti-vaccines is that they are not science inclined, terrified, and self-centered.

We have such a wealth of real-world and factual answers to this question "what is the real truth about vaccination"?. I will like to conclude with a contrary question of mine, "why is the anti-vaccine position so occupied by non-medical professionals
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