What Is The True Meaning Of Laziness Or Being Lazy?

Being lazy, is an attribute  which have a negative impact on a person's life, when viewed by observers around him or her. If you should critically look at laziness, you will discover that it is more of the thing of the mind than our physical abilities. Arguments have arose concerning this attribute called laziness, many people believe that it is not really an inherent attribute, or a character which some one displays, but rather, laziness is being defined from the angle or perspective of the observers.

What Is True Meaning Of Laziness Or Being Lazy?

During an interrogation I had with a friend, I asked him what is his opinion about laziness or being lazy, his reply was as follows.

Laziness or being lazy is a judgment from others.  In my humble opinion, it's a classic application of the "Fundamental Attribution Error. 

If I you don't do the job, it is because you are lazy.

If I don't do it, it's for a good reason; I was too busy, or didn't know how hard it would be, or didn't have the skills I need to do it sooner, or was interrupted, or didn't get the support I needed, or couldn't afford to do it. 

If you should look into his argument, you will also discover that there are some valid points he made. Also, read the below statement from Bill Gates and you will also discover some important meanings and valid point as well.

I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.

So, What Is The True Meaning Of Laziness?

Laziness can simply be explained as an act in which someone tries to refrain from a task, duty or job, with some basic reasons. The reasons are best known to the person that is been termed "lazy", it could be genuine (maybe as a result of tiredness, health issues, lack of the basic necessary skills in carrying out the task, or lack of interest) and at the same time it could be faked (maybe, such a person does not really want to carry out the tasks because her or she is aware there will be no special reward for it).

Now, let us lay aside the various views we have concerning laziness and go back to the subject matter "why are some people lazy"? Without biasness, the following factors serves as major contributors to why some people are lazy.

Factors That Leads To Laziness

1. Past success

Some people so much rely on their past success, that they felt there is little or no need to invest much strength in similar pursuit anymore. This could be a major setback in life, because too many people out there are labouring night and day to ensure that they surpass you in that same goal. A student that reduces the time dedicated to studying (thereby becoming lazy in studying) just because he came top grade in the class last session, will definitely be planning to meet his waterloo, just because his colleagues for sure will be putting efforts on their own part to ensure they outrun him. Unless, they are all bunch of lazy people as well, then he sees no need putting additional effort.

2. Already rich

When someone feels he is already buoyant financially, then he feels there is no need exercising his physical strength anymore. There is a house help that does the house chores, driver that drives him all around town, etc. Believe you me, most rich men are definitely, physically lazy.

3. Lack of motivation

If you are trying to embark on a task and there are no motivations coming from any angle, you will definitely exhibit a lazy attitude towards that task. Motivation can come from words of encouragement from family members, friends or colleagues in form of words, assistance or monetary reward. I am sure no one will act lazy when he or she is aware that there will be a reward when the deed is done.  Monetary motivation is mostly used by some boss in the office, whenever they want their staffs to carry out some duties in a fast pace.

4. Habits

Too many people get accustomed to some certain habit unintentionally. In the act or pretence and negligence of duty, most people fake laziness. With persistence pretence and faking of the act, it eventually becomes a habit of theirs.

5. Lack of ambition/low goals

The lazy attribute of many people is as a result them having little or no ambition. Some people are so satisfied with their mediocre life that they find it difficult to put in extra strength in order to attain a greater height. Their goals and ambitions are so low which makes them to feel and act lazy.

6. Low energy

Aside pretence and negligence of duties, let us not lay aside that fact that some people lack the physical strength to carry out chores and duties. Their low strength could be as a result of malnourishment or some kind of ill health. So, such group of people are always been termed "lazy".

7. Illness

Illness can be physical, mental or emotional. Physical illness leads to loss of strength thereby making an affected person to become lazy while the sickness persist. Mental and emotional illness can have a greater and long lasting negative effect. Someone that is always feeling depressed emotionally down will have little ideas or strength to contribute in his daily living.

8. Lack of desire

Once there is no desire in carrying out a duty, then definitely there is no possibility that you will achieve your aim. If you eventually force yourself in carrying out the task, there must be symptoms of laziness that will be portrayed by you. This factor contributes to the fact that being lazy does not necessarily means you are a negative or the wrong kind of person.

In summary, these are just few factors that i observe. Too many other factors might be existing that sums up in answering the question "why are some people lazy"?
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