Importance Of Healthy Eating For Adults In Fighting Diseases

Poor health is usually caused by poor nutritional status. This means the body is vulnerable, and in time, it may become susceptible to illness, disease and other infections. Infections usually trim your appetite, triggering vitamin deficiencies and eventually affecting your body inside out. Older adults have sensitive immune systems; they’re vulnerable because food processes differently when reaching their bloodstream. As we age, the immune function of the body starts declining. To keep it in top shape, healthy eating can help. All you need to do is plan ahead, and stay on track. 

Importance Of Healthy Eating For Adults In Fighting Diseases

Healthy Food Prevents The Onset Of Obesity

Obesity is the number one disease that compels the body to age faster. Type-2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, osteoporosis and more, are health conditions triggered by obesity. Many seniors don’t have a regular meal plan; they eat when they feel hungry, and oftentimes they consume bad foods. In some cases, they may feel unable to cook for themselves, meaning that the only option left is to purchase processed food.

In other cases, they eat late at night and they completely ignore that fatty foods should be avoided.

Fatty food, sugary drinks, and carbohydrates make the body feel heavy; weakening the bones and slowing down the functioning of your organs. 

A change in diet helps the body gets back on its feet. Fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins and fiber are nutrients that your system needs to function properly. These foods provide energy, replenishing vitamin deficiencies, strengthening the heart and the bones.

The Great Importance Of Nutrients From Healthy Foods

When the body lacks calcium, the bones become weak, brittle and susceptible to diseases like osteoporosis. To prevent that from happening, add more calcium-rich foods to your daily diet. Milk, dairy products, yoghurt, eggs are all highly recommended. The same thing happens with your heart when the food you eat is too fat. The arteries get clogged, triggering cardiovascular disease like high blood pressure and high cholesterol; thus weakening the whole body.

But if you change your diet and you increase physical activity, your arteries will pump clean blood to the heart. A diet rich in vegetables, lean meats, and healthy carbohydrates decreases unhealthy triglycerides.

The Perks Of A Low-Glycemic Diet

A low-glycemic diet adheres to the principles that carbs increase blood sugar levels. However there are good carbs you can add to your daily regime to have balanced blood sugar levels. Rye, oat bran, pumpernickel, quinoa, lentils, peas and nuts are highly recommended. Steer clear of potatoes by replacing them with vegetables, salads, or fruits.

Fight diseases with the DASH diet

Promoted by the National Heart Lung & Blood Institute, the DASH diet is all about lowering blood pressure, and keeping the heart functioning properly. The principle is simple: a balanced diet is all about adding more whole grains, low-fat dairy, vegetables, and fruits to your regime.

It also involves consuming foods with less sugar, salt, and red meat. The recipes are varied; there are lots of healthy mixes you can choose from. And if you feel the need for a bit more taste, replace salt with spices or raw condiments.

The DASH diet focuses on exercise as well. Even though older adults may not be able to hit the gym daily, they can still enjoy relaxing walks in the park, light jogging, and even biking. When combined with a regular workout routine, the end result will exceed all your expectations. You won’t just lose weight, but your body will have more energy, and your heart will function in healthy parameters.

A healthy diet goes beyond healthy food. For your body to function properly at an older age, it needs exercise too. Oftentimes, supplements may also have to be considered. This can happen because the elderly assimilate nutrients differently than their younger counterparts. A physician will know exactly what you need; but only after a full blood test exam. You may need glucosamine supplementation or calcium to strengthen your bones. Either way, you shouldn’t take anything at random. Ask for advice if you feel different, or if you suffer from acute anemia and anxiety. Fatigue may also be a sign that you’re not eating right, or that your body has some sort of vitamin deficiency.
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