One Food That Can Lower Your Risk Of Developing Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is fast becoming a major threat in our world today, and all hands must be on deck to fight this menace. With the normal precautions of wearing sunscreen and covering your body up properly, worries of skin cancer can be quite frustrating even on the nicest beach day. Recently, Scientists who are involved in researches on how to prevent skin cancer have a good news for every tomato lovers. The good news is that eating tomatoes can greatly reduce your risk of developing skin cancer

In a case study on mice conducted at Ohio State University, researchers discovered that male mice placed on a diet of 10% tomato powder per day for 35 weeks before being exposed to ultraviolet light, had a 50% decrease in skin cancer tumours, compared to mice that was not placed on a tomato powder diet.

According to a co-author of the study, Jessica Cooperstone, a research scientist in he Department of Food Science and Technology in the college of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at Ohio State, she said that the crucial link between tomatoes and cancer is the dietary carotenoids found in tomatoes. The carotenoids gives the tomatoes their colour and may also protect skin against the damage of UV light.

The findings was published in the Scientific Reports, and it revealed that the tumours were higher for female mice compared to the males. The study revealed that sex should be considered when exploring different preventive strategies . What works in a man may not always work equally well in a woman and vice versa.

Their findings was not the first study to highlight the tomato's ability to protect against UV light damage. Previous clinical trials suggests that eating tomato paste might help prevent sunburn. This potency is still traced to the presence of carotenoids . "Lycopene", the primary carotenoid found in tomatoes, has been shown to be the most effective antioxidant of these pigments.

The other health benefits of tomatoes are indeed numerous. They are rich wich calcium and vitamin K, which helps in keeping your bones healthy. They also contain high levels of vitamins A and C, which helps to strengthen your immunity and eliminate harmful radicals from the body.

Having the knowledge on how to prevent skin cancer should be everyone's desire, and eating a healthy diet should be your utmost priority. Though foods are not drugs, but when consumed appropriately over time, they can alter the development of certain diseases. Eating a variety of plant foods can guarantee the most protection against cancer development. So, from now on, you should try to include tomatoes in your diet, but make sure you also include more healthy fruits that your body needs. Use the share button below to pass this information across to your friends on Facebook and other social networks.
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