Excellent Daily Practices For a Healthy Lower Back

Have you ever experienced lower or mid back pain? The pain one can bear from having lower back pain can sometimes be unbearable. Several months, I had lower back pain specifically sciatica symptoms and when I would go about performing my daily routine or daily activities the majority of times the pain would be absolutely terrible. During my research, I started looking for effective practices I could use immediately to relieve the pain. Below is a list of resources that I have found to be truly effective and helpful. Also, make certain to consult a chiropractor or a trained professional in your local area as each scenario for back pain is different and must treated appropriately.

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Excellent Daily Practices For a Healthy Lower Back

Now, resource one is meditation or practicing yoga. When I mention meditation, I specifically think of mindfulness-based stress reduction practice. The whole goal of using this natural resource you have available right now is to make sure that you do not rely on drugs or prescription drugs for relieving back pain as prescription drugs can be dangerous and addicting. Furthermore, a recent study in Seattle had assigned 340 people who had reported to have lower back pain and they separated them into two groups. Group 1 practiced mindfulness meditation daily for 10 to 15 minutes and group 2 just received regular standard care for lower back pain. The results that were demonstrated were incredible. The group who practice daily meditation reported to have greater improvement in body function and back pain compared to the second group. This is something you can start to practice on a daily basis for not only quick chronic back pain relief but also as an effective treatment relieving lower back pain.

The second resource one can use for relieving lower back pain is utilizing natural herbal therapies or known as natural supplements. Some of these natural supplements that help relieve low to mid back pain are Glucosamine and Chondroitin, Calcium & magnesium, & ginger. The one I have used time and time again is Glucosamine and Chondroitin. I’ve used Glucosamine for strengthening the cartilage around my joints and the joints themselves. This can help strengthen knees, shoulders, and relieve lower to mid back pain. I’ve noticed incredible positive results while using it where I’ve had more range of motion and more mobility. Secondly, research shows that magnesium has been proven to reduce pain intensity and improve lumbar mobility with those suffering from back pain. I personally know that magnesium helps to bring back the electrical system within your body back to its original state.

Something one can take away from reading this article is when one knows the right natural supplementation to take on a daily basis without using prescription drugs – one has the power to change their lives for the better. These natural supplements such as magnesium and glucosamine are affordable for the everyday user and can be found at a store near you.

Finally, a very effective strategy for relieving lower to mid back pain is using inversion table therapy. Now, there are many inversiontable reviews consumer reports on Google or through Amazon that can help assist you. For many that don’t know or not aware of using inversion table therapy then you’re in luck. If you would like to learn more information on how inversion table therapy can assist you in relieving lower back pain, visit here today. There are many inversion tables available on the market right but the thing to take away is to find a brand that is very high quality but also affordable.

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