Tips To Maintain Good Eye Sight In This Technology Age

Maintaining good eye sight is good for your overall eye health, but there are lots of lifestyles and inventions that are fighting against it in this present age. We are in an era with lots of technology devices that normally needs the attention of our eyes, and in the long-run can have a negative effect on it. For example, we use our eyes to check our phones, computer and laptop screens, televisions and gaming consoles. Prolonged use of this devices can eventually cause eye fatigue. 

Since all the above mentioned technology devices are inevitable, the big question is "How can you then cope with them without causing any damages to your eyes"? Below are some Ophthalmologists tips you can follow to maintain a good eye sight and promote your eye health in this age of technology.

Tips To Maintain Good Eye Sight And Promote Overall Eye Health

1. Adequate sleep

You need adequate sleep because it is very essential for your eye health. It allows the eye to repair and recover from any previous strain. t is recommended you attain 8 hours of sound sleep at night, this will go a long way in attaining better visual quality.

2. Adequate nutrient supply

You eyes require adequate and multiple amount of nutrients to function optimally. You should always consume lots of vitamins and minerals , green vegetables and proteins to help keep your eyes strong and sharp.

3. Regular exercise

Exercising regularly does not only keep your body fit, it also makes your eyes healthy by pumping more blood and oxygen to it.

4. Maintain the 20-20 rule

Most office jobs these day requires constant and direct glaring at the computer screen, of which prolonged use can be harmful to your eyes. If you find yourself in such situation, you should endeavour to maintain the 20-20 rule by taking a break every 20 minutes for at least 20 seconds.

5. Go for regular eye check

Going for a regular, physical, eye examination for at least twice a year can keep you on the right track. You can easily detect any defect and take necessary action on time.

6. Protect your eyes from UV-rays

You should always protect your eyes from sources any sources of UV rays, because they can cause immense harm to your eyes.

These are just some few tips, there are lots more. So after reading this, you have no excuses of maintaining a proper eye sight despite this technology age. Kindly hit the button below to share this with your friends on various social media.
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