How To Maintain Soft And healthy Lips During Harmattan

The cracks and unpleasant appearance of the lips is a condition that makes the harmattan period not welcomed by many. It hurts most time, especially when the cut on the skin of the lips gets deeper. Despite this unpleasant experience, one thing remains sure, and that is the inevitability of harmattan seasons. So, the big problem that needs a solution is how you can get rid of this bad feeling. Lucky you! Read on and learn how to maintain soft and healthy lips during harmattan seasons.

How To Maintain Soft And healthy Lips During Harmattan

1. Drink water more often

The harmattan season comes with a lot of dehydrating effect, and this is not good for your skin and overall health. The skin needs to be hydrated always, and this can be achieved by drinking lots of water especially during harmattan periods. This affects the lips also. One thing that most people got wrong about harmattan periods is that since they do not sweat much, they drink less amount of water. Drinking large amounts of water is necessary to replenish the lost moisture from the skin and lips caused by harmattan.

2. Tame your tongue

Maintaining a soft and healthy lips during harmattan also entails you holding your lips. During this period, most of us are guilty of the act of licking our lips every now and then with our tongues, It eventually turns into a habit. This act increases whenever the lips feel dried and stretched. So, you feel the best way to get it moist and soft is to apply saliva from your tongue. With all these, your mission still proves abortive because the lips gets dried up once again before you know it. So, abstain from this act totally.

3. Make sure you consume lots of vitamin B

Insufficient consumption of vitamin B does not only affect the functioning of your digestive system, it also affects the health of the lips. The lips and the corners of the mouth get cracked and deficiency of vitamin B can also cause ulcers in the mouth. Ensure enough intake of vitamin B to keep the lips healthy during harrnattan.

4. Avoid smoking

If the health implications associated with smoking does not give you enough reason to quit, you should try and give up the habit just because of your lips. Smoking causes the lips to become dark and dry. If not for general health reasons, you should try and cut down the smoking habit in order to improve the appearance on your lips especially during harmattan seasons.

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5. Scrub to keep the lips fresh and healthy

.It will also be of great advantage if you scrub your lips occasionally. This act alone can clear away the dead cells and make the lips more receptive to moisturizing agent. You can use a mixture if sugar powder and olive oil or honey to gently scrub away dead cells.

In conclusion, you can also apply your normal lip balm during harmattan periods after you might have followed these necessary tips for a soft and healthy lips. They are quite simple to follow. Therefore, you should adhere to them in order to prevent cracked, flaky lips during harmattan.
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