15 Natural Remedies For Kidney Pain Relief You Should Know

Before making a conclusion that you are suffering from kidney pain, it is important for you to first of all have the knowledge of where the organ is located in the human body. The human kidneys are located at the upper abdominal against the back muscle, each situated at the left and right sides. It is also important for you to know the difference between kidney pain and back pain. Kidney pain is often experienced deeper and higher (beneath the ribs), while back pain is commonly felt in the lower back. In this post, we shall be looking at some natural remedies you can you to fight against kidney pains.

There are numerous factors or causes that can lead to kidney pain, some of them include; kidney stones, urinary tract infection, and trauma of the kidneys.

The symptoms that goes with kidney pain includes; fever, painful urination, nausea, flank pain and vomiting.

If you discover that you have been inflicted with kidney pain for some time now and you want to get out of this ailment, the natural remedies listed below can be of great help to you. But before you jump into one of those remedies, it is highly recommended you table your case before your doctor for proper diagnosis and professional advice, this is because the underlying cause might be quite serious. Your doctor can also recommend some of these natural remedies in combination with some medications.

Some Natural Remedies For Kidney Pain Relief

1. Water

Yes! Water easily does the magic you are expecting. Drinking lots of water and keeping yourself hydrated can prevent the formation of kidney stones. It can also assist in flushing out bacteria that could cause urinary tract infection (UTI)

2. Fresh Lemon Juice

.Acids found in various citrus fruits such as lemon, can assist in breaking down and dissolving kidney stones. To get the best result, you should use fresh lemons instead of lemon-flavoured beverages. To ease kidney pain, drink lemon water as soon as you wake up in the morning, then you can also drink it at interval throughout the day. For additional benefits, you can as well mix olive oil with lemon juice.

3. Dandelion tea

Dandelion tea has a diuretic effect in the body system, this means that more urine are released and more toxins will be flushed out of the body. The tea also stimulates blood circulation, which keeps the kidney healthy.

4. Watermelon seed tea

Many people are yet to realise the usefulness of watermelon seeds, especially its contribution to human health. Watermelon seeds also function as a diuretic, which helps to flush out toxins and stimulate the kidney to function better.

5. Celery seeds tea

Celery contributes to the elimination of waste in the human system. Some studies have revealed that it increases urine output as well. In addition, celery antifungal property can help to keep bacteria at bay.

6. Corn silk tea

Corn silk tea is very effective in pain reduction. It also function as a diuretic and can help in promoting healing from infection.

7. Parsley tea

This is also another proven diuretic. Parsley is not consumed only as a tea or juice, it can also be applied topically as a paste to the area you are feeling the pain.

8. Cabbage leaves poultice

Cabbage also have the ability to flush out toxins from the body. You can as well apply cabbage leaves directly on the areas you are feeling the pain. To make a poultice, you will be needing cabbage leaves, bran, chopped onions, and water in a pot. Then you follow the procedures listed below:
  • Boil the cabbage leaves, onion and bran in a pot of water for about 20 minutes. Within this time the water would have evaporated completely
  • Place the prepared poultice on the gauze
  • Apply this hot gauze with poultice on the area you are feeling the pain
  • Leave it there for at least a couple of hours or you can actually allow it overnight

9. Marshmallow root

Marshmallow is another diuretic that greatly help in reducing pain while you are urinating.  it coats the lining of the urinary tract, protecting it from any form of damages.

10. Plantain

Although many people see it as a useless weed, plantain actually has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a mild diuretic and laxative which can easily be made into a tea for easy consumption.

11. Uvaursi

Uvaursi is also known as bearberry, for some time now it has been used in treating urinary tract infections (UTIs) because it is a natural diuretic. It is proper to consult a herbalist for proper guide and recommendation before using uvaursi

12. Sage-peppermint tea

Sage and peppermint works together to relax the muscles, and they also have antiseptic properties. They can also relief pain and spasms because of their anti-inflammatory effects.

13. Mustard plaster

Preparing a mustard powder or poultice allows you to place the healing properties of mustard directly on the affected area to reduce the pain. For the preparation, you will be needing; mustard powder, water or egg white, flour, and Vaseline or lard, then follow the procedure below:

  • Mix mustard powder with flour
  • Use water or egg white to make a thin paste. (Egg white prevents blistering)
  • Spread Vaseline or lard on the area you are feeling the pain
  • Apply the prepared mustard plaster and allow for some time (Not more than 30 minutes)
  • Remove the plaster (wipe off or wash off) one you feel more irritation or if your skin is turning deep red or blistered.

14. Nettle tea

In some occasions, kidney pain can progress into joint pain. If that is your case, then nettle tea can come in handy as it helps alleviate joint pain. It also function as a diuretic and helps treat inflammation too.

15. Tomatoes

Tomato juice has been widely used in eliminating infection and at the same time reducing pain. It is preferable for you to use a natural or organic tomato juice with no added sugar or additives.

Now you have seen some natural remedies, let me give you an overall tips you can use in preventing kidney pain.

Tips For Preventing Kidney Pain

I am sure at this point you must have known that kidney pain is mostly caused by urinary tract infections, kidney stones and direct trauma. So you can easily prevent kidney pain by preventing these major causes. Below are some tips you can follow to reduce your chances of developing kidney pain. 
  1. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water to promote urination and expel bacteria.
  2. Don’t hold in your urine.
  3. After a bowel movement, wipe front to back in order to discourage bacterial movement from the rectum into the urethra.
  4. Take showers as opposed to baths.
  5. Gently wash skin around the vagina and anus (do not use harsh soap or scrub vigorously).
  6. Empty your bladder as soon as possible after intercourse.
  7. Avoid the use of scented deodorants and scented feminine hygiene products near the genitals.
  8. Eat a low-oxalate diet.
  9. Reduce cholesterol levels.
  10. Exercise regularly.
  11. Avoid injury to the kidneys.
  12. Reduce your intake of red meat.

I am sure you have gotten some important information about the natural remedies and ways of preventing kidney pain. It will be a great pleasure for you to get this message across to your friends, family, and colleagues. Kindly use the share button below to share this post on various social media.
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  1. Wonderful article. I am sitting here, munching on watermelon (with seeds) and my bottle of water as I read this. Wonderful tips and some new teas I need to try xxx


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