Weight Loss Tips To Checkmate Your Calorie Intake Even When You Love To Eat

Have you discovered that you can't just let go of your eating habit even though you find yourself to be a fitness freak? You love your body, love to maintain a healthy physique but at the same time, you love having a bite on every bunch of food you come across? Well, there is good news for you. Nutritional and health experts suggests that you can checkmate your calorie intake by making the right choices with healthy foods. Without much discussions, below are some tips you can keep in mind and adhere to in order to checkmate your calorie intake.

Tips To Checkmate Your Calorie Intake If You Love Eating

1. Use low fat dressing and sauces

I m so sure that you can survive without adding an extra spoon of butter or ghee to the food that you eat daily. Try as much as possible to avoid cheese in sandwiches or pasta, because they can add an extra fat which can negate your actual ambition of maintaining fitness.

2. Use healthy flours

When you want to make your baking and confectioneries, you should always endeavour to use healthy flours that contain low amount of calories, such as millets, multigrain etc. Ditch that refined flours for healthier ones.Mus

3. Use lean cuts of meats

You do not necessarily need to add the whole component of the meat into your meal, including the extra fats. Doing so, will add additional amount of calories to your diet. The important component that needed to be consumed in a meat is protein, and there is sure a large amount of protein in lean meat.

4. Portion control

Some of you are so gluttonous in nature that you keep asking for more, just like Oliver Twist. One of the best way to checkmate your calorie intake is portion control. Just place  lesser quantity of food in each of your meal serving. Do not eat directly from the cooking pot, just like most people do. Apart from it being a bad habit, it sure fights against your weight loss plan. Used  measured bowl spoon for each meal serving and eat slowly. This method can also control your habit of overeating.

5. Cooking technique

Do not always engage in the eating of fried foods. Instead of eating deep fried foods, you can decide to fry it in air fryer, which makes use of less oil. You can as well opt for baking, grilling, steaming, poaching, etc.

6. Technology

Finally, technology can always come in handy as we all know we are in the information age. You can easily download a calorie app calculator on your phone or any mobile device. This will assist you in checkmating your calorie intake by telling you your daily consumption. You can additionally maintain a diet chart, just to achieve a perfect result.

Being a foodie freak does not mean you should not maintain fitness, so using the above laid down tips can always come in handy. Share these tips to your friends that might be needing it on various social media platform. Simply use the share button below to achieve this.
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