10 Tips That Can Make You Sleep Better During Menopause

Even though you have reached menopause as a woman, that does not mean you should deprive yourself from good sleep. Sleeplessness is a problem associated with menopause. There are lots of menopausal symptoms that can lead to sleeplessness. These symptoms includes; night sweats, hormonal imbalance and anxiety a woman experiences during menopause.

10 Tips That Can Make You Sleep Better During Menopause

Now, you have known some factors that can contribute to sleeplessness during menopause, the big question is "How can you then get a better sleep during menopause?"  Read on, as you discover some simple methods that can be of help.

10 Tips To Help You Sleep Better During Menopause

1. Having regular exercise

Getting regular exercise on a daily basis is key to healthy living. It can also make you to feel calm and sleep better during menopause. But please note that you should not try this at night before going to sleep because your body should not get energized when you are supposed to be winding down.

2. Maintain a regular daily routine

You should find and maintain a regular routine on a daily basis. For example you should set a regular bedtime, this will aid your sleeping habits. To further better your sleep, make a good habit of eating meals, exercising and taking medications at the same time every day. This will help your body get accustomed with the time and set its internal clock.

3. Do not take a nap

This situation can be a little bit difficult if you are exhausted from lack of sleep the night before. But avoiding yourself the needed nap will make you feel tired when it comes to bed time, thereby leading to a successful night sleep. If you think it is impossible to stay awake throughout the day, you should try to lay down for less than 20 minutes between the hours of 2pm and 4pm.

4. Avoid foods that contains caffeine

Foods that contains caffeine, such as caffeinated drinks should be completely avoided. You should run away from this drinks especially some few hours leading to bedtime. Coffee, tea and carbonated beverages can all disrupt sleep patterns. Avoiding these drinks can help in combating sleeping problems during menopause. Instead, you can easily switch to water or decaffeinated tea or coffee.

5. Eat healthy

In all your eating endeavours, try to avoid spicy and high sugar-containing foods, this will make you sleep better at night. Having a steady and healthy weight promotes overall health and wellness, thereby leading to a better sleep. You should also stay away from high fats and high sugar foods that can easily cause weight gain.

6. Breathe to ease anxieties

Inhale and exhale slowly for three good times. Your mind gets focus whenever you concentrates on your breathing. This can help you ward off some pressures and anxieties you experienced during the day. It helps you to feel more relaxed and ready for bed.

7. Do not wear tight-fitting pajamas

Tight-fitting pajamas (or night wear), especially the ones made from synthetic material can increase menopausal night sweats by raising the body temperature. These can often lead to sleeping problems. So the best you can do is to wear loose-fitting pajamas while sleeping at night.

8. Remove the Television from your bedroom

Constantly glued to the Television screen can decrease your body's production of melatonin. Melatonin is the chemical substance that regulates sleep in the human body. This does not mean you should stop watching the Television completely, but you should limit the amount especially some minutes to bedtime.

9. Always feel relaxed before bedtime

No matter how your day went, try to feel relaxed before bedtime. Do not get yourself engaged in cleaning up the house or starting a project, instead shift all activities till tomorrow's to-do list. Try and engage on something relaxing such as reading a book, this will place your mind on sleep mode.

10. Drink Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is a natural sleep inducer, so you can simply sip some quantity at night to get that sleep you deserve. 

Have you been finding yourself in a state of sleeplessness because of menopause? Try and put these 10 tips to test. If you have been using other means to sleep better during this period, kindly share them in the comment box below. Also use the buttons below to get this post to reach your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
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