10 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight Despite Your Efforts

Despite your efforts to eat healthy, engage in exercise most times, and already losing some amount of weight, you might be finding it difficult to lose weight to the exact target you desire. The big question that will be popping through your brain is, "What more do i have to do to achieve my target?"

10 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight Despite Your Efforts

Well, the two steps you are already following can help most people to reach their target by getting their desired body weight, but for some it is just not enough. There are many factors that can affect your weight loss plan negatively that you are yet to realise. In this post we shall be discussing about 10 of such factors that can make you not to lose weight despite all your efforts to.

10 Factors That Can Affect Your Weight Loss Plan Negatively

1. Not having enough sleep

Under normal circumstance, you should be having nothing less than 7 to 8 hours of good quality sleep on a daily basis. If you are not getting enough sleep, it can increase the levels of your blood sugar and insulin alongside your stress and hormone levels. All these can result to food cravings, getting hungry more often and the worst of them all, insulin resistance.

2. Using session as an excuse to eat

Consuming any kind of foods that comes your way after a workout session is simply an excuse that can hamper all your weight loss efforts. Instead, you should plan your meals to blend with your workout routine. The best option is to eat a healthy meal before your workout session just to use it as fuel, then when you are done, eat a healthy snack to recover your lost energy.

3. Having issues with your Thyroid function

One of the most undiagnosed issues that can affect weight loss is "Thyroid problems". If you are having problems with your Thyroid functions or is not working properly, it can have a negative effect on your weight loss quest by hindering your metabolism even if you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

4. Eating much sugar without being aware

You might have stopped eating foods that contains obvious sugars, like cookies, cakes, donuts, candy etc, but what about some foods that contains hidden sugars? Most times, there are sugars in foods which you least expect. Yogurt, smoothies and some "healthy snacks" are often filled with hidden sugars that can make you to struggle in your weight loss efforts.

5. Constant stress

Being stressed out always releases huge amounts of the stress hormone "Cortisol". This very hormone can break down your muscle mass and also make you to develop cravings for sweets and other unhealthy foods. High Cortisol levels have the ability to lower stomach acids which results in difficulty in digestion.

6. Training too hard

"Is there any such thing as training too hard?" I guess this might be the question boiling through your brain now. This often occurs when you engage too much in a certain type of exercise, like cardio. The best option is to stick to interval training, this will help you maintain shorter and more powerful training sessions.

7. Not eating enough fat

Contrary to many people's belief, fat does not make you fat (that is if you are eating the right and healthy fats). Healthy fats are found in foods like Avocado, farm butter, fish, olive oil, coconut oil etc. These category of fats are healthy for your body and they can actually help you lose weight.

8. Not having enough vitamin D

Vitamin D is a pro-hormone that assists the body in many of its functions, and without it is impossible to burn fat. You should be eating lots of vitamin D containing foods like sardines, salmon, cow milk etc.

9. Eating late at nights

If you always eat too close to bed time then you need to stop it because it is a weight loss killer. When you engage in this act, your body stores all the energy from the food as fat since it is not able to use it for any sorts of activities. Ensure you close all eating for the day 3 hours before you go to bed.

10. Jumping on different types of diets

Jumping on every single diet plans might help you lose some amount of weight rapidly, but in the long run the weight tends to return or you might actually end up gaining more weight. Maintaining a healthy, sustainable lifestyle is key for a successful weight loss.

These are 10 reasons you might not be losing weight despite all your efforts, there may be many more. Now you have seen some of them, it is the right time to desist from them if you are still a culprit of any. Allow that friend of yours that have been finding it difficult to lose weight to see this information by simply using the share icons below to reach out to them on various social media.
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  1. I personally love extreme cardio and have been known to really "beast myself" in the gym. I find that on the weeks that I take a break from working out like that, I lose more weight. Its such a pity tho as that is my favorite form of exercise. I need to work on getting more sleep too. Great tips xx

    1. Nice routine Laura.. Maintaining a healthy weight is key


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