Understanding the Do’s and Don’ts of Large Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are flap-like, harmless and usually painless skin growths. They are extremely common and can increase with age. Weight gain and hormone changes (such as those that come with pregnancy) can also increase their occurrence. While most do not cause discomfort, an ill placed tag can be irritated when rubbed, painful when caught on something and, for some, downright embarrassing. Fortunately, there are several options for treatment. 

Understanding the Do’s and Don’ts of Large Skin Tag Removal

The following list will help you avoid some of the common mistakes made in large skin tag removal and help you find the method that is right for you.

Do: Know what you are dealing with. You will want to be sure, prior to beginning any type of treatment that you are, in fact, dealing with a skin tag. Skin tags often resemble flaps or tabs of skin. They are small (usually never reaching inch in size) and grow slowly. Their color is very similar (though not identical) to that of the surrounding skin.

Don't: Hesitate to contact your physician. Call your doctor if you are unsure of the nature of a skin growth, if you see rapid change or growth or have any pain associated with the skin abnormality.

Do: Research. If you choose to enlist the help of a physician, be sure to check his or her credentials. While skin tag removal is a simple process, there is always risk associated with medical procedures and you will want to choose a practitioner with significant experience. In the same regard, if you are choosing a natural or home remedy, be sure you can easily find some first-hand accounts of its success. A good treatment will have plenty of testimonials and it should not be difficult to find some pictures of positive results.

Don't: Try a method that hasn't seen some results. Again, a good treatment will have a good track record. Even a cheap home remedy takes some time and effort so don't waste it on something that has only worked for one or two people.

Do: Clean the area. There is a large variety of home remedies but they all have one thing in common. You will want to start with clean skin. Wash the skin tag and the surrounding skin with warm soapy water before beginning with any treatment.

Don't: Get impatient. Many remedies can take days or weeks.

Do: Try garlic. Mashed garlic, applied to the tag, bandaged and left overnight has proven to be an effective remedy. Be sure to repeat this process each night for several nights.

Don't: Forget nature's cure - Aloe Vera. Use the same process as with the garlic and see results. 

Do: Floss. Or at least use it. Tie a small piece of dental floss or thread around the tag and within a few days it should dry up and fall off.

Don't: Cringe when you hear this next option. For a quick, solid solution, take a pair of sterilized scissors or nail clippers and cut off the tag.

Do: Clean, Clean, Clean. If you do decide to cut off your skin tag, be sure you are prepared with antibiotic ointment or peroxide to clean the wound. Bandage it carefully and check it regularly.

Don't: Wait to call your doctor if skin tag returns in the same place. While skin tags to appear throughout our lives it is very uncommon for them to reoccur in the same spot. Contact your doctor if this happens.
Understanding the Do’s and Don’ts of Large Skin Tag Removal Understanding the Do’s and Don’ts of Large Skin Tag Removal Reviewed by Chibuzor Aguwa on Wednesday, May 03, 2017 Rating: 5

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