Low Testosterone Levels In Men: 9 Major Effects And Some Common Therapy

Low testosterone is a condition that majorly affects men and it is associated with various side effects such as decrease in bone mass, loss of hair, accumulation of extra body fat etc. In this post we shall be looking at what low testosterone is all about, its effect on men and some possibly common ways of treating it (testosterone therapy).

Low Testosterone Levels In Men: 9 Major Effects And Some Common Therapy

As men age or grow older, they tend to experience a decline in their testosterone levels. But when a condition of low testosterone is being experienced by a young man as a result of lack of stimulation of the testes to produce testosterone (hypogonadism), it is been seen as an ailment, and much concern should be given to it in order to remedy the situation. For proper assimilation of this post, gently follow through it in a step by step manner as we treat some important issues sequentially.

What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone that is majorly found in men, and it is required for male development and sexual function. The testosterone hormone is produced primarily in the testicles. Some of its function includes sperm production, development of male sex drive, as well as the building of muscles and bone masses.

When there is a lack or an under production of testosterone, it is either as a result of a direct decrease in the production of testosterone in the testes or indirectly due to lack of stimulation of the testes to produce testosterone by the pituitary gland. The later cause of underproduction of testosterone is called hypogonadism, and it is a medical condition which needs adequate treatment.

In a normal developing man, the levels of testosterone is at its peak during his early adulthood. On reaching the age of 30 years, the level of testosterone slowly declines by approximately 1% a year. The slow decline of testosterone level is a normal part of ageing.

 What Levels Of Testosterone Is Considered Normal For A Man?

In men, the low limit of testosterone is about 300ng/dL (300 nanograms per decilitre) and the upper limit is approximately 1,000 to 1,200 ng/dL. Any occurrence of lower testosterone levels needs to be investigated further in order to distinguish it from normal.

Causes Of Low Testosterone Levels In Men

Chronic medical condition
Hormonal disorders
Medication (narcotics, chemotherapy)

9 Major Effects Of Low Testosterone Levels In Men

1. Low energy

One of the effect of low testosterone levels in men is low energy. Low energy is a common side effect in men that have a decline in testosterone levels. they tend to get tired more easily whenever they are engaged in any little task and they rarely posses energy to do carry out any physical activities.

2. Not always in the mood for it

The bedroom mood and activity is an area that suffers severely when there is a decline in a man's testosterone level. A loss of libido and the troubles in getting or keeping an erection might be only the start of such a man's problem. If you are experiencing a low testosterone level, it might be advisable to go for treatment or therapy in order to boost your bedroom mood.

3. Being forgetful and always loosing focus

When a man is experiencing testosterone deficiency, he often start to lose focus more easily and also tends to be more forgetful in most situations. This condition can be very disastrous especially when you are engaged with a kind of occupation that requires constant and long hours of focus.

4. Mood swings

Formerly, most people though that mood swings are conditions that are only experienced by women alone, but actually when a man is suffering from low testosterone level he too can be moody. he can switch from being happy to being sad within a matter of seconds.

5. Loss of muscle

Loss of muscle have always been a big issue for men. As your testosterone levels drops, your muscle mass also decline as well.

6. Extra body fat

Apart from losing a lot of muscle mass, men experiencing a drop in testosterone levels might start picking up an extra weight or gaining extra fat.

7. Hair loss

When a man starts loosing testosterone, he also often start to lose some amount of hair too. The hairs found on his beard, leg, arm, and even on the back too will start to reduce gradually.

8. Decrease in bone mass

Osteoporosis, a disease condition that causes weakness to the bone, is a popular problem amongst men that have decreased levels of testosterone.

9. Insomnia

Insomnia or sleeplessness is another major effect of low testosterone levels. A victim always have problem falling asleep, or simply not having the amount of sleep as required.

Low Testosterone (Low-T) Levels Therapy

Treatment of testosterone in hypogonadism is fully accepted therapy, whereas that in older men is more controversial. Proper discussion should be carried out with your doctor concerning your testosterone levels, symptoms, and side effects of treatment in order to establish if you should receive therapy and what form of therapy.

Administration of testosterone therapy can be carried out in several ways, which includes the following:

1. Transdermal (skin patch)

This method is usually applied once a day, it is tend to be clean and easy to apply. There is also the availability of an optional mouth patch which sticks to the upper gum, and it is applied twice a day.

2. Gels

Gels are directly applied to the skin, and they are eventually been absorbed through the skin. The gels are available in a single application packages or pressure pump.

3. Injections

Testosterone can be introduced with the aid of an injection directly into the patient.

4. Pellets

Pellets can be implanted into the soft tissue of the man, then the testosterone is released.

There might be some kind of questions in the mind of many, as why are pills not used in the treatment of low testosterone levels in men?

Why are pills not used?

There are also the availability of testosterone in the form of pill, but some medical experts believe that oral delivery of testosterone can have negative effect on the liver. The methods listed above bypasses the liver (they do not involve the absorption of a pill through the stomach or the intestine) and goes directly to the bloodstream while still performing their functions.
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