How To Stop Bedwetting In Kids Naturally

You all know how frustrating it is as a parent when your kids experience bedwetting every night when they are fast asleep. Waking up at night to find out that the bed sheets are all wet as a result of your child's urine, and you have to pile up the wet clothes for the next day laundry. This experience is quite exhausting and frustrating for both you as the parent and your children. But the good news is that this experience will not last forever (though it can tarry for long in some cases), because bedwetting is relatively a common issue for most kids. 

According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, about 20% of 5-year-olds, 10% of 7-year-olds and 5% of 10-year-olds are still experiencing bedwetting. Bedwetting normally occurs as a result of some number of issues, and the most common of them all is that your child is a deep sleeper, and he or she has not gotten adapted to waking up whenever his or her brain signals that the bladder is full. Other causes can include:

Constipation: That is when the bowels are full and they start putting pressure on the bladder
A response to stress or emotional issues that may be occurring at home
Or it can also be an underlying medical issue

Bedwetting is normally common among boys, and it seems to be hereditary or inclined to a family history. Meaning that if one parent had a similar issue as a child, his or her child might eventually experience the same problem.

Like i earlier said, there is good news. There are natural means you can use in assisting your child to stop bedwetting as faster as you can think. To achieve that purpose, try following the simple tips i listed below, and i am so sure you will be glad you did. 

How You Can Easily Stop Bedwetting In Kids

1. Stay positive

Do not make your child feel bad just because he or she bed wets. In other words, as a parent you should not attach any negative consequences to the act. Which means you should not yell at them nor punish them whenever they are involved in the act. Always stay positive, because negative feedback can create fear and harmful feeling that can actually make the problem to become worse.

2. Schedule in toilet times

As a parent make sure you schedule toilet times for your kid that bed wets. You know as a kid, often times they are too busy running around, playing, and to have the thought of stopping at the bathroom to pee is always a problem. Making your children to go to the toilet every couple of hours (even when they think they don't need to) during the day can make them have the cognition of an empty and full bladder and get them to pay more attention to their body needs.   

3. Curt off fluids before bedtime

It is advisable you limit the amount of water of any kind of fluids you give to your children a couple of hours before bedtime. Do not allow him or her to consume some types of beverages e.g. Colas, because they are actually diuretics and they enhances frequent urination.

4. Interrupt the sleeping cycle

If you notice that your child is a deep sleeper, you can be of help by always interrupting his or her sleep some couple of hours after he or she goes to bed. If you disrupt the sleeping cycle for some time, it can help them get out of the habit f deep sleeping. During the period of interruption, you can as well encourage your child to visit the bathroom before going back to bed. I remember my mom using this vey method on me when i was a kid.

5. Ask for help

The last but not the least, you should try seeking for help once the bedwetting persists. Meet with a paediatrician  so that the right strategy that can serve as a remedy can be recommended. In some very difficult cases, doctors do rely on medications and they can be a temporary fix and not a permanent solution. Keeping to these natural procedures can eradicate that bedwetting experience in your kid in no distance time.
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