How To Stay Healthy In Your 18th Week Of Pregnancy

During the 18th week of pregnancy, you have already entered into your second trimester, and there are lots of changes that is already going on within your body and also with that of the baby in your womb. Even within this period, your health should be placed in top priority and staying healthy should be a task you should try as much as possible to maintain.

How To Stay Healthy In Your 18th Week Of Pregnancy

Staying healthy while you are pregnant is not one big task as most of you might be thinking. You might probably agree with me after you have finished reading this post. During the 18th week of your pregnancy, your belly is growing quickly and you might already have an impressive baby bump. You should plan to gain at least 3 to 4 pounds a month for a healthy weight gain. But assuming your started your pregnancy either overweight or underweight, then these figures will definitely change.

In your womb, your baby is becoming increasingly active and those butterflies or gas bubbles you feel in your tummy may be as a result of your baby's first movements, which is also known as "quickening". In a matter of time, you will be feeling his or her gentle kicks and stretches inside your womb. Below are some tips on how you can stay healthy during your 18th week of pregnancy.

1. See your doctor regularly

In order to maintain your health and to ensure a healthy pregnancy till delivery, get in touch with your doctor as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. Consult him or her and set up a prenatal care plan.

2. Take a prenatal supplement

You be taking prenatal supplement as directed by your doctor, so as to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Pregnancy vitamins are even recommended before you even get pregnant. There are some doctors that even recommends that you start taking prenatal vitamins three months earlier before you start to have a baby.

3. Eat a well-balanced diet

There is a popular saying, "you are what you eat". There healthier you eat, the better you become. Eat what you need to eat and don't be so hard on yourself, but make sure they have positive effects on your health. I promise that after the first trimester (for most) the nausea will dissipate and you will not feel the need to stuff your face with junk in the same way. Ask your doctor for specifics about what you should eat, but you already know that lots of fruits, vegetables and protein will benefit you a lot.

4. Take proper caution on food hygiene

You should be highly vigilant about the hygiene condition of the foods you eat during this period. You might have heard of Listeria, it is a bacteria that is very rare and does not really pose too much threat on people with healthy immune system. However, for a pregnant woman, it can pose a risk of serious health threat and issues, birth complications and can even lead to miscarriage. There are certain groups of foods you should totally avoid, such as undercooked meat and fish, unpasteurized dairy etc. It will advise that you consult your doctor for a full list of foods you should avoid during pregnancy.

5. Exercise intelligently

You should also engage in exercises, but do it intelligently. Healthy pregnancy exercises cardio choices for pregnant women include low-intensity aerobics, such as brisk walking, swimming, yoga etc. If as a pregnant woman you are already a runner, then you can probably continue for as long as it feels comfortable for you. However, if you are experiencing nausea more often, then running should not be the most soothing exercise for you. You also be cautious in engaging in sports that have a high risk of falls or bumps.
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