Health Tips On How To Avoid Stress In Your Daily Life

With the current situation of the country and things happening around the world today, it can lead to a whole lot of worries and stress coming your way. How to avoid stress and live a normal life have become  thing of concern to many that really cherish their mental health. No matter how much we try to control stress as humans you will discover that it is indeed an inevitable part of life, because each day comes with its own activities and stress attached to it. But the good news is that it can be reduced or managed by following some stress relief tips i will be giving below. But before i proceed, let me give you a clear idea of what stress is all about.

Health Tips On How To Avoid Stress In Your Daily Life

What is the physical stress human being experience?

 Stress can simply be described as the way human body responds to demand or threat. For example, whenever you experience a threat, your nervous system will release a cascade of hormones, requesting your body to respond to it. Examples of the ways your body responds to such release of hormones are:

  1. Faster heart beat rate
  2. Strength and stamina increases
  3. Enhancement of speed (while running)
  4. You tend to become more focus  because you are aiming at a particular goal (e.g. eventual escape when running from danger).

The response triggered by stress is termed "fight or flight" and the body uses it as a way of self-protection.

An occasional experience of stress in our daily life is not that detrimental to our health, but if you are living with chronic stress then i will like to get you informed that is dangerous to your health. The signs that are attributed to chronic stress can be categorized into four different groups:
  1. Cognitive symptoms
  2. Emotional symptoms
  3. Physical symptoms, and
  4. Behaviuoral symptoms

Some examples of chronic stress problems includes; anxiety, memory problems, changes in eating habits, constant worrying, aches and pains, loss of sexual drive, the use of substance abuse like alcohol or cigarettes etc.

So many Medical research have  revealed the dangers associated with chronic stress, which includes high risk of cardiovascular diseases. Since stress is inevitable, it is important you discover ways you can deal with stress by adapting some Stress reduction techniques in your daily life.

How to manage stress in life

Though if you shall look at it critically, it might seem as if it is quite impossible to avoid stress in life (because like i earlier said, it is inevitable because no human lives a perfect life), but you can control stress that comes your way and how it affects your life in general. Below are some few tips that can assist you in reducing stress and avoid it from growing into a much larger problem.

1. Adjust and create a balance on your lifestyle

Sit back and ponder on the ways you live your life. How well are you creating a balance on the various aspects of your life, such as family, education and work? How much are you trying to control every bit of stress that comes your way? If you are not having a proper balance, then you will be feeling stressed frequently. Examine how you spend your time on a daily basis and see if there is anything you can remove out from your schedule, just to maintain greater balance.

Another way you can adjust and create a balance for your life is by finding a purpose for your life. Finding meaning in your daily living can get you more connected and focussed. In all you do, it is also relevant that you get adequate amount of sleep each day, During the period of sleep, your body restores itself, so if you are not having adequate sleep daily, you may find yourself easily prone to stress. But when you are restored and rejuvenated, you will feel more equipped to face the challenge of stress.

Lastly, another method you can use in creating a balance in your lifestyle is by engaging in exercises. Not only does exercise fights stress, but it can also keep you calm and cool all day long.

2. Avoid the stressor

Whenever a situation requires your attention, then it is important you address it as soon as possible. But when you discover that such situation is above your control, it is better you avoid it, just to have peace of mind. This method cal also involve avoiding friends or people that brings a lot of stress in  your life. Although ending  relationship or friendship can be a little bit difficult, if that friend or person is not rendering any positive service to your life then you are a way lot better without him or her.

It is also necessary you learn how to say no at times. Too many people see this as a challenge because they always want to please people around them. Unfortunately, when you find yourself in such a situation, you always feel stressed out and hurt. Knowing when to say no and standing on your decision can also be a way of eliminating stress.

 3. Change the situation

When you find yourself in  stressful situation, then the next step is to change the situation. There are stress reduction techniques you can utilize in order to reduce the stress. For example, try to be open with your feelings instead of piling it up within yourself. If you do not express yourself, then you will discover that the emotions will continue to eat you away gradually.

For most of us, time is a huge stressor. If you are always running late or over working yourself, try to work on time management or better still, learn to say no when extra commitments are been given to you t work.

4. Accept what you cannot change

In  a case whereby you discover that you have placed endless effort in order to change a particular situation or thing and it proves abortive, and increasing your stress, then you need to call it quit. It is normal if something or a situation refuses to change, and when you accept that, you can move on quicker and start living a stress-free life.

Do not claim to be a superman, trying to control the uncontrollable, especially if it is the behaviour of others. You will discover that you end up feeling stressed the more because of people's actions or behaviours that does not really worth it.

Learning how to forgive is also another way you can deal with stress. Although forgiveness is easier said than done, it can really set you free from thoughts and attached stress. Accepting the fact that as humans, we are all imperfect and sometimes err. Just because you are not in support of what someone else have done, if the relationship means a lot to you, you can forgive their actions, learn from it, and move on.

In general conclusion, these are just some positive ways to manage stress or control stress in life, There also exist many ways in which stress symptoms can be controlled.  So i will advise you to take what you can control and do not allow it to cause you long-term pain, which is detrimental to your mental health.
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