Useful Health Tips During Rainy Season In Nigeria

The rainy season in Nigeria is a period that runs from March to October every year. It is been characterised by large amount of rainfall as compared to the remaining months of the year. The remaining months (i.e. from November to February is known as the "dry season". Apart from the large amount of rainfall that is been experienced during this period, the rainy season is notorious for the large amount of infections and diseases it carries along. So, it should be a period that all hands should be on deck in order to maintain a healthy life.

Useful Health Tips During Rainy Season In Nigeria

The rainy season in Nigeria had always been a time to say good bye to the harsh heat and weather condition and rejoice with the cold weather. But despite the refreshment that the rain brings, there are certain problems that associates with the season, for example, there is an increased susceptibility to diseases and infections. Contaminated foods and water is mostly the major culprit that leads to people falling sick during the rainy season.

Some of the sicknesses experienced during the rainy season in Nigeria include Malaria, Typhoid, Cholera, etc. But the good news is that, most of these infections are easily avoidable. In this post, i shall be giving out some expert health tips you can follow to stay healthy and avoid falling sick during rainy seasons in Nigeria. Read on!

5 Healthy Tips To Avoid Falling Sick During Rainy Seasons In Nigeria

1. Eat freshly prepared, home cooked meals

The best way to avoid getting any kind of stomach contamination is by engaging in constant eating of home cooked meals. The reason is because you will ensure that proper hygienic precautions are maintained and you will guarantee that they are well cooked. There is no judgement on the quality of water or vegetables used (because you did a proper check on that) which makes it easy for you to enjoy your meal without the possibility of falling sick.

2. Avoid eating foods from the road side stalls

I guess by now you might have discovered that the hygiene of street foods, especially during the rainy season is not something to write home about. It is quite questionable. Just because they might want to save money and maintain quantity, the food vendors might compromise on the quality of ingredients used in preparing the foods. Also, eating foods that has been exposed to the contaminated air for a long period of time or prepared with contaminated water can be very dangerous to your health. It can eventually lead to more serious disease such as Typhoid.

3. Wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly

During the rainy season, there are possibilities that the fruits and vegetables you buy from the market may have more contaminants on them than usual. Therefore, it is important that you always wash them thoroughly before consumption or used in preparing meals. The rainy season also records an increase in the number of worms that resides in these vegetables, especially green leafy ones. Washing them thoroughly can assist you in getting rid of these worms and avoid diseases in general.

4. Stick to seasonal foods

Like you all know, in Nigeria we have two major seasons; the "rainy season" and the "dry season" and some particular crops are readily available in each of the seasons. Sticking to seasonal foods that are available during the rainy season will keep you healthy because other fruits and vegetables may not be freshly available. As a result of some external factors such as high moisture levels, sometimes fruits and vegetables can rot if not properly stored. To avoid risking your health, it is best you stick to seasonal foods.

5. Constantly boil your drinking or cooking water

Some harmful bacteria tends to reside in water, and they can be highly detrimental to your health. Boiling the water you use can be of help because they kill the germs present inside. This act reduces your chance of acquiring water-borne diseases that are very common during the rainy season. Apart from killing the bacteria present, drinking boiled water has several health benefits such as getting rid of the toxins in your body and it also improves digestion.

The rainy season in Nigeria should not be a period that will account to large amount of sick people due to nonchalant lifestyles. Following this healthy tips will be of great help.
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