Simple Ways Of Detecting Frequent Urination In Men

Visiting the bathroom to urinate is normal especially when it feels like your bladder wants to burst. But if you are engaging on this act frequently, like in a large number of times in a day, then it could be a sign of a serious health problem. If as a man, you are confused about your frequency of urinating, you cannot tell if it is quite high or low or you cannot even detect if you are urinating too much, then the message in this post should serve as a guide for you.

Simple Ways Of Detecting Frequent Urination In Men

Below are ways you can simply use to indicate if you are urinating frequently

According to Dr Rajeev Sood, a medical expert, he stated that when you observe that you are urinating more than seven times in a day, then something might be wrong with your health. Even if you are not urinating up to that extent but the range is close, anything different from your normal frequency of urinating can be an indication of a health problem as well. But sometimes, the frequency change might be as a result of an increased intake of water. And also, some people tends to pass more urine during cold weather or in colder region.

Urinating two or three times in one night can also be a bad sign, because most people can actually sleep throughout a whole night without visiting the bathroom.

Detecting Abnormality In Your Frequency Of Urination

When your bladder gets filled up with urine, your nerve signals sends an information to your brain, telling it you need to take a leak. But when your bladder is overactive, those signals can be triggered even when you have low quantity of urine in it. Though there is not  really any medical downside to frequent urination, but it can have an impact on your quality of life by contributing to depression of interfering with your good night sleep. Doctors do not have any specific cause of an overactive bladder yet, but there is a proof that as you gets older, your chances of having an overactive bladder increases.

Other potential culprits of overactive bladder includes:

  • Diabetes
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI), and
  • Enlarged prostate

An enlarged prostate gland pushes on your urethra, making your bladder to stress itself by working harder to push the urine out. This extra activity inflames the nerves. sparking that panicked feeling. Additionally, squishing of the urethra can result into a weak flow, which prevents you from emptying your bladder completely, thereby making frequent urination or visiting the bathroom possible.

For instance, if you urinate a lot, but your urine dribbles out very slowly. While this situation can be traced to an enlarged prostate, it can also be a sign of urethral stricture (a buildup of scar tissue in your urethra). This stricture could be as a result of previous surgery, an accident, or prior sexually transmitted infection (STI). This condition is very detrimental and painful, and can cause urinary retention, which if left untreated can cause damage to your kidney. Treatment with cystoscopy or surgery is often recommended.

What If My Frequent Urination Is Caused By Too Much Drinking Of Water?

Drinking of much water in a day can actually cause frequent urination. This experience can be high especially if you drink diuretics like coffee, caffeinated tea, or alcohol. Consuming this beverages at night before going to bed can result into frequent waking up from sleep in order to urinate. So, for a better night rest, it is better you avoid these drinks for hours before going to bed.

Anxiety can also spark the urge to urinate

Feeling anxious or uneasy can also spark that urge to urinate, even if you just peed a little while ago. Some people do experience a nervous stomach or bladder anytime they are stressed. Placing you focus and attention on something else in order to distract your mind from that feeling can you scale through the urge.

Having An Appointment With Your Doctor For Proper Detection Of Frequent Urination

Your primary health care doctor will conduct a simple test to detect far and underlying medical conditions (e.g. diabetes and urine culture), which can rule out any infection. Your doctor can also conduct a rectal examination to feel your prostate and see if it is enlarged.

During consultation, your doctor can also request that you keep records of your dietary and bathroom habits. This can help to rule out any issue that is life-style related, like drinking of too much caffeine. Before your doctor diagnoses an overactive bladder, he or she may need to rule out other causes first. For instance, your doctor may order an ultrasound to check for something like kidney stones. Then you may be sent to a urologist for further testing.

As you have learn that frequent urination might be as a result of some infection or diseased condition, so it is wise you take a log of our urinating habits. If it is abnormal, then it is proper you visit your doctor in order to prevent further complications.
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