4 Foods That Keeps Your Vagina Healthy

As a woman that place so much concern about her health. the reproductive aspect of it should not be left out. That is the more reason you have to care for your vagina health. But if you should take a survey, you will discover that some women displays nonchalant attitude to this aspect of their health, most of which is attributed to ignorance or lack of adequate information.

Every lady desire to have  healthy vagina but most think it is quite an expensive and semi-difficult task. In this post i will be revealing to you 4 simple and readily available foods you can consume regularly so as to maintain your vagina health. Meaning that after you might have gone through this post you have no cause to fear because it is actually going to cost you nothing to maintain the health of your vagina.

How can you tell if a vagina is healthy?

I know that will be the question that will be running through some of your minds, but it is quite simple.

You can tell or determine if a vagina is healthy, when it has a balance pH level accompanied with healthy bacteria (otherwise known as normal flora) that helps to resist any form of infection.

So, how can you maintain a healthy vagina?

This can simply be achieved by maintaining proper hygiene as well as eating foods that benefits your overall health. Now, take a look at the foods listed below because they are quite friendly to your vagina health.

Foods that are healthy for your vagina

1. Kale

Kale is one of the healthiest vegetable you can find in the world today because it is highly nutritious and contains components that are greatly beneficial to you. kale is good for your vagina health because it is rich in vitamin C and A, which aids immunity and proper circulation of blood. It is advisable to include kale in your diet plan or you can combine with other green vegetables because it works to keep your vagina lubricated at the same time preventing itching and dryness. 

4 Foods That Keeps Your Vagina Healthy

2. Garlic

Though garlic have a funny smell, that doesn't deprive it from its potencies. Garlic is enriched with antimicrobial nutrients which helps in preventing infections as well as vagina discharges, itching and burning. You can add garlic to your diet or you can also eat it raw, that is if you can withstand its smell.

4 Foods That Keeps Your Vagina Healthy

3. Lemon

My last post was all about the health benefits of lemon and i will advise you to read it from the link below. Lemon is rich with antioxidants, and it helps the vagina health by providing a balance pH which every vagina needs. Apart from that, lemon assist in preventing infections. Drinking a glass of lemon water every morning is quite good for your overall health which also includes that of your vagina. 

4 Foods That Keeps Your Vagina Healthy

4. Yoghurt
Yoghurt, especially the Greek yoghurt is very friendly to your vagina because it maintains the pH level of the vagina. Yoghurt also serve as a source of the healthy bacteria that is found in the vagina. So, ladies endeavour to always have a bowl of yoghurt more often. 

4 Foods That Keeps Your Vagina Healthy

With this 4 simple foods, maintaining your vagina health wouldn't be a problem for now. Feel free to subscribe to our feeds for more frequent updates and also hit the share button below so that your friends can benefit from this.
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