6 Tips On How To Learn Faster And Retain more

The ability of learning faster and retaining more of what you learnt is an attribute that most of us cherish and will love to have. This is most beneficial especially when you find yourself in an environment of learning such as academic environment (Colleges, Universities etc.), skill acquisition centres, developmental education training and so on. The more you grab what is been thought by an instructor, retaining them and putting them into practice, the better learner you are. 

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How To Learn Faster and Retain More

In as much as all humans are different, some groups find themselves among the fast learners, while other groups of humans are indeed slow learners. You might have noticed that you fell in the group or category of slow learners, but that does not mean you should forever remain that way. You can make a U-turn by making right decisions and following appropriate steps. A study and Scientific research by Pew Research Centre just proved that there are useful tips you can adopt in order to evolve into a fast learner and retaining more of what you learnt. They are as follows:

1. Act like you are teaching

One of the first thing you should learn how to do in order to become a fast learner and retainer of what you learnt, is to learn how to teach others too. The more you teach someone what you just learnt, the better it get stuck into your memory. Utilise the skill you already learnt by acting like you need to teach someone the information you are trying to grasp. Recent studies conducted in Washington University in St. Louis in the United States of America have proven that this method can help speed up your learning and also allow you to remember more of what you have been thought, because you are engaging your brain in a more efficient way.

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2. Always write down notes

Like you all know, the brain is more engaged with daily activities and you can easily forget things you ought to remember. This forgetful experienced can be controlled by taking down notes when necessary. Of course it is easier to take notes on your smartphones, tablets or laptops, but when you use a pen and paper to jot down notes, it helps you get a better understanding of what you are trying to learn. Like i will always tell people, "you are less likely to forget whatsoever you wrote down yourself", you might not really remember the whole content, but you must surely remember the important ones. Research had also proven that when you take notes by writing, you also listen more actively and can easily identify important concepts. Taking notes is a useful method on how to learn faster in schools.

3. Exercise and eat well

At this moment, it will sound weird if anyone does not know the importance of balanced diet yet. The same goes for exercise. Okay having the knowledge is ot the key, how many of you actually stick to having a balanced diet and a regular exercise? Anything you do to keep your brain sharp can be reversed if you are not keeping your body active and healthy.

4. Dedicate some few time to learn something new

According to the Centre of Academic Success at Louisiana State University in the United States of America, when you dedicate between 30 and 50 minutes to learn something new you are more likely to retain it. It is another means on how to learn faster and easier.

5. Become a story teller

You can put your brain into exercise just by telling a story. By adopting this process, it makes things easier to remember because the structure in which you are learning is more compelling. You focus on the important details when you tell a story and the inclusion of emotion helps you associate feelings with what you are learning. Story telling has been found to be an effective treatment for those with Alzheimer’s disease. Story telling is another useful tip on how to learn faster and think better.

6. Use an app

Some people might be kicking down on this idea, but actually, using  learning app is quite useful guide on how to study better and faster. There are so many web apps on the market which provides specialised brain training activities. The exercises on the apps are quite basic and they are designed in such a way that is fun (which keeps you engaged and coming back for more). But you should remember that this is just an app which helps you to learn faster and think better, you will likely get an update on whether you are progressing positively as you go on.
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