12 Home Remedies For Sweaty Smelly Armpit

If you look around different parts of the world today, you will observe that most people are walking about with sweaty smelly armpit without them been conscious of it. In some cases, few people that find themselves in this predicament are aware about it but they don't have an idea about any remedy they can apply. Do you find yourself in an odd situation like this? Are you scared that your smelly armpit is spreading like wildfire in any environment you find yourself? The solution you actually need are herbal or home remedies for underarm sweating.

Home Remedies for Sweaty Smelly Armpit

It has been noted that about 3 out of every 5 people have hyperactive sweat glands, these leaves sweaty patches on their clothes that has a malodorous attribute. Applying deodorants and roll-ons only have a temporal relief because the lifespan of their fragrance can only last for some few hours, then the smell persists. In addition, such products are made up of toxic chemicals, synthetic derivatives and artificial fragrance, which can only cause more harm to your skin.

At this moment, i am aware of the big question that will be trolling within your brain, and that is how to get rid of bad underarm odour? Think no further, below are 12 home remedies for musty armpit.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Apple cider vinegar functions by restoring the pH balance of your skin, thereby altering the possibility of harmful bacteria survival.

How to use it: Dip a cotton swab into a raw apple cider vinegar solution and apply it gently to your armpit. Allow it to get soaked to your armpit throughout the night and wash it off the next morning. Do this continuously till you achieve your desired result.

2. Sage

Sage has antibacterial properties, it lightens dark armpits, kill off bacteria that causes odour and reduces excessive sweating with time.

How to use: Boil water with a handful of sage leaves, add a few drops of tea tree oil and lemon juice. Allow the solution to cool in room temperature. Transfer the solution to a spray bottle. You can use this as your regular deodorant. Blot out the excess caused by the spray with tissue paper.

3. Sea salt

Sea salt contains minerals that helps to remove impurities from well under the skin, unclog the pores and reduce sweat production.

How to use: Add 1 teaspoon of sea salt and a few drops of essential oils to your bathing water. Use this home remedy for underarm sweating every day to see a visible difference

4. Alum

Alum has extra qualities which makes it to serve as an antiperspirant, which prevents bacterial growth and also reduces smell.

How to use: Rub alum directly on your armpit, then allow it on for 15 minutes before wiping it off with a wet cloth. Apply this homemade remedy for stinky armpit several times in a day for a better result.

5. Tomato pulp

Tomato is enriched with antioxidants that purifies the skin and shrink sweat glands, thereby reducing the production of bad smell.

How to use: Take a tablespoon of tomato pulp and scrub your armpits gently with it for 5 minutes. Finally, you rinse your armpit and make it dry. Following this step will eradicate every form of underarm odour causes.

6. Potato juice

Potato juice has antibacterial properties that controls body odour.

How to use: Cut two slices of potato and rub it directly on your armpit. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes and then you rinse it off. Follow this method in order to get rid of underarm odour permanently.

7. Witch hazel

The witch hazel contains astringent and antifungal properties which is capable of killing any bacteria that causes odour.

How to use: Take a few drops of hazel oil in a cotton pad. Rub it gently on your sweaty armpit. Allow it to absorb the oil fully and finally you rinse it off suing cold water.

8. Arrowroot powder

Arrowroot absorbs the moisture under the arms. In addition, it has antifungal properties that keeps acrid smell under check.

How to use: Mix a teaspoon full of arrowroot powder with the same amount of cornstarch powder. Sprinkle the mixture on to your armpits and allow it to remain while you carry out your normal daily task. Repeat this herbal solution for underarm sweat as often as required. 

9. Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, and this fights against bacteria that causes smell.

How to use: Take a tablespoon of coconut oil and add a teaspoon of camphor to it. Apply it regularly to the sweaty areas to control sweat.

10. Wheat grass

Wheat grass is highly enriched in vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid, which neutralizes the acids found in your body, thereby reducing smell.

How to use: Drink a glass of fresh wheat grass juice on a daily basis, first thing every morning. You can also apply it topically to reduce smell. After 5 minutes, you rinse it off.

11. Black tea

Black tea contains a high proportion of tannins, which contracts the sweat glands, thereby reducing sweat and smell.

How to use: Brew a fresh cup of black tea. Allow it to cool down to room temperature. Use the solution to rinse your armpit. After 2 minutes, rinse it off with cold water.

12. Chamomile oil

Chamomile oil also possesses antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties, which enables it to kill bacteria that causes smell. Another advantage of chamomile oil is that it smells good and also work better than the pricey deodorant you will find in the market.

How to use: Mix a few drop of chamomile oil with the same amount of coconut oil. Rub it gently all over your under arms. Allow it to sit throughout the night before rinsing it off the next morning. Make use of this essential oil for underarm sweat daily to get your preferred result.
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