5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Mango Leaves

Mango is a fruit that is indeed loved by many, maybe because of its sweet taste. There are various varieties of this juicy, pulpy fruit, and the different varieties are specifically loved by different sets of people. Mango is a very common fruit in Nigeria, yet many are still unaware of the health benefits of Mango leaves. Apart from it being readily available in the markets, you can see the trees scattered in almost all rural areas and villages in this part of the world.

Health Benefits of Mango Leaves

Like i stated before, the mango fruit have a sweet taste that most people find it difficult to resist, especially little children. But apart from its sweet taste, the mango possesses a whole lot of health benefits that are favourable to as many that consumes them.

Yes, we have the knowledge that since it is a fruit, then definitely it will sure be beneficial to human health, but how many of us have placed consideration to other parts of this great plant? such as the leaves. It will be quite amazing to realise that the leaves of mango is of greater advantage to human health. Yes! Mango leaves possesses such an amazing health benefits to human health too.

It is quite obvious that Africans and Asians are still relying on the efficacy of fruits and herbs. Here in Nigeria, trado-medical practices (the use of natural herbs in the treatment of diseases) is still very much in use up till date. These health benefits of mango leaves that we shall be looking at today will serve as an eye opener to many that are doubting the potency of traditional medicines and herbs. Feel free to share and re-broadcast this article, you never know who might need it. Without further delay, in this post i will be revealing some of the amazing health benefits of mango leaves and also the directions on how to use the leaves properly.

Some Health Benefits Of Mango Leaves You Should Know

1. It controls diabetes

In one of my previous post, i talked about some early signs of diabetes you should not ignore. In case you missed it, you can easily read it from the link below:

Diabetes is a very common disease in this present age, maybe as a result of the unhealthy eating habits that is been adopted by most humans today. Bad habits and lifestyles also contributes immensely to this disease too. But the good news is that, mango leaves can confidently deal with diabetes.

Using the tender leaves of mango in treating diabetes is an effective home remedy. The anti-diabetic properties of mango leaves helps in regulating blood sugar levels and also keeping a check on it. A study carried out on rats revealed that the leaves possess a hypoglycaemic effect on diabetic rats, which lowers their blood sugar levels.

2. Helps in treating asthma

Just like diabetes, mango leaves are believed to be very helpful in the treatment of asthma. it also provides self relief from respiratory ailments too. Presently, in the world today, mango leaves are widely used in Chinese medicine for the treatment of asthma. You can easily carry out further research to attest to this claim.

3. Prevents infection

The leaves of mangoes in known to possess various medicinal and anti-bacterial properties. As a result of this, it helps in preventing various infections such as digestive disorders, tumours, inflammations etc.

4. It also help in checkmating viral infections

When the leaves of mangoes get fermented, they become rich in antioxidant properties which is also used sometimes as an ingredient in beauty products. When such products is applied on the site of a viral infection (such as herpes virus infection), it helps he skin to heal faster and also preventing further progress of the wound.

5. It helps in relieving hiccups and throat infections

The fumes emanating from the burning leaves are also used in the treatment of hiccups, and they also provide relieve from throat infections.

We have seen some of the amazing health benefits of mango leaves, the next discussion will be on its proper usage for effective result.

How To Use Mango Leaves Effectively

Just follow this simple procedure for a perfect result.

1. Choose the tender mango leaves and boil it in a container of water
2. Filter and drink the herbal concoction
3. You can as well dry it in sun and grind into powder
4. Add a scoop of the powder to a glass of water, then you stir and drink
5. Or you can preferably chew them raw after thorough washing
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