7 Personal Ways Of Avoiding Back Pain

Back pain is an ailment that most individual do experience during one or more stages of their lifetime.  What i actually meant is that there is a possibility that most people have experienced back pain either in the past, or they are experiencing it at the moment, or they may likely have an experience of it in the future. Though it is not as common as cold, catarrh, cough and some other light ailments. It have been estimated that 8 out of 10 people do experience back pain during some certain periods in their life time. People that are mostly affected are adults that are older than 30 or 40 years, having back problems ranging from  occasional sore backs to severe pain that hinders them from living a normal life.

Ways of avoiding back pain

The popularity of back pain does not guarantees its inevitability. Some groups of health experts agreed that the risk of acquiring back pain can be lowered, all it takes is just for us to adjust and make some few, personal lifestyle changes. In this post we shall be looking at 7 personal ways you can easily adopt in avoiding the occurrence of back pain. Let us look at them below.

7 Ways Of Avoiding Back Pain

1. Always have some exercise

There is a high probability that not engaging in exercises or being physically inactive makes an individual to be more vulnerable to acquiring back pain. It is advisable that regular aerobic activities such as riding a bicycle or walking some few distance should be added to one's routine several times in a week. In addition to that, core strengthening exercises for the abdominal and back muscles should also be included. They render support to the spine.

2. Watch your weight

The more you weigh, the more stress you are contributing to your back. This is a major reason you should endeavour to checkmate your weight. Being overweight also makes it difficult for you to engage in the amount of exercise you need.

3. Healthy eating

Eating the right food is another sure way of maintaining your overall health. Consuming a diet which contains vegetables, fruits and whole grains assists greatly in controlling your weight, and also it provides the required nutrients needed for strong bones. Low-fat dairy products are good sources of calcium, alongside dark green, leafy vegetables. Many of our foods, such as cereals and most dairy products are enriched with vitamin D. The body needs vitamin D for proper absorption of calcium.

4. Quit smoking

 Overall, it is advisable to quit the habit of smoking. Smoking results in weakening of the bones, which increases the risk of developing osteoporosis. Smoking also have a negative effect on the muscles and tissues. It had been observed that smokers are more likely to have low back pain compared to non-smokers.

5. Learn to lift those weights properly

One of the major cause of back pain is using the wrong muscles when you are trying to lift a heavy object. The best thing you should do whenever you are trying to lift a heavy object is to seek for assistance from someone else. Even if you are been assisted in lifting the weight, or you are lifting it on your own, the best muscles you should use is your leg muscle, instead of using your back muscles. Keep your back straight and hold the load close to your body. Endeavour not to twist your back while you are lifting or holding something heavy.

6. Sit and stand correctly

If you are engaged in a job where you always sit and work at a desk, you should make sure that your sitting position is favourable to you. Adjust your chair or use a foot rest so that your feet rest on the floor with your knees slightly lower than your hips. Make sure you are sitting up straight and adjust the chair back, or you can also use a pillow to support your lower back. If you are standing, try as much as possible not to hang down your head, or adopt a drooping posture. keep your shoulders back and feel relaxed. Distribute your weight evenly over both of your feet.

7. Wear the right shoes

For the ladies, wearing high heels can transform the position of your spine. With time, this change can lead to back pain. Try as much as possible to desist from wearing high heel shoes on a regular basis. It is also necessary to replace your running shoes whenever they are worn out. Finally, if you are standing on a hard floor for a long period of time, you should always wear shoes with more cushioning.

Additional tips, when back pain strikes

If you are already experiencing back pain, the thoughts of laying on the bed in order to recover should not be the first thought that should come into your mind. Instead, you should take a break and cut back your activities for some few days. You can ease the affected area with ice during the period of rest, and also try some over-the-counter pain reliever. Ensure that you are completely relieved before resuming any normal activity, and try not to lift any heavy object for up to 6 weeks. You can also use a physical therapist to learn the exercise that suits your back.

It is normal for most back pain to vanish on its own within a period of some few weeks. However, it sometimes signals a more serious problem. Contact your doctor as soon as possible if severe back pain does not improve over a long period, if the pain spreads down on one or both legs, or if it causes numbness or tingling. People suffering from osteoporosis should also get in touch with their doctors when new back pain arises. Immediate medical care should be administered if your back pain started after a fall or after an injury on your back, if it is causing new bowel or bladder symptoms, or if you are also having a fever.
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