Things That Make Me Gag This Pregnancy

It is one thing to hear about all about the nausea that follows pregnancy, but let me tell you, it’s a completely different thing experiencing it. You know how most of the time you can get a grip of your gag reflex when you’re nauseated? Well, all that wonderful self-restraint goes out the window when you’re pregnant and there’s nothing you can do about it, except maybe accept your fate. Every woman handles this issue differently, and some lucky ones don’t even have to deal with it, but there are some things that make me gag more than others, and that’s what I’ll talk about today.

Things that make me gag this pregnancy

Body Odors

Oh dear gods, where do I even start? This is a big one for me, especially because my sense of smell has become so sharpened that I can smell anything just existing a hundred feet away from me. When I say body odours I mean everything from bad breath (or just breath) to that particular smell that is unique for every person. I even had a problem with the natural smell of my partner’s skin, which is not a comfortable situation to be in. A lot depends on what people eat of course, as their sweat always mirrors their diet, but for a while I really had to hold my breath every time someone would come closer to talk to me, it’s not pleasant.

Meats in Any Form

Minced meat is probably the worst, but the smell of poultry is in the close second. I wasn’t much of a meat eater even before I got pregnant, but the smell of meat cooked or raw has me running to the bathroom instantaneously. The result is that everyone in the house is practically vegetarian now since I once got sick because my mother prepared some veal a few hours before I came home, I could still smell it when I got back and my stomach couldn’t handle it.

Indian and Chinese Food

Nope, just nope! Most spices, meats and slightly unusual smells are just too much to handle, but combining them in one Indian dish is enough to make me never think of this cuisine again. Now whenever we’re in the mood for takeout, we either opt out for healthy food delivery or when we really want to indulge ourselves, we order some extra cheesy pizza without pepperoni!


Brushing teeth is hell! At least it was until I found completely natural DIY toothpaste, which I now use and thankfully, things have turned for the better. Brushing your teeth isn’t something you can avoid doing for nine months, so you better find an alternative that can work for you. Besides, store bought toothpastes are full of fluoride anyway, so making your own is a better way to go.

Certain Vegetables

Leek, spring onion, cauliflower, garlic, edamame, even tomatoes made me gag on several occasions. You can see that at this point it’s becoming really hard to find something healthy to eat, but there are still vegetables that make me feel good, but they’re usually watery - things like zucchini, celery and cucumber are always a good way to go, at least in my case.

Woman’s smell and gag reflex becomes ridiculously sensitive during pregnancy. That is why it’s important to establish what you can’t bear to be near of, and find nose-acceptable substitutes for it.

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