How A Woman Can Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is of utmost importance for pregnant mothers to maintain their health and that of the baby in their womb, and this can be achieved by adapting healthy lifestyles. But the issues of the day is that most pregnant women are yet to know the various ways to can stay healthy and fit during their period of pregnancy. A gynecologists would always advice expecting mothers to go for pregnancy friendly exercises and should also get a comfortable maternity gear for working out.

One of the best ways a woman can stay healthy during pregnancy is by exercising, because this will always maintain their fitness for the task ahead. In this post, I will be showing you some smart ways pregnant mothers can exercise safely during pregnancy. Take a look at them below!

1. Do not lie on your back

Avoid exercises that require you to lie flat on your back, especially crunches after the first trimester. Lying on your back for an extended period could make you feel dizzy as this can decrease blood flow to you and to your baby.

2. Get maternity gear

Comfort and flexibility are must during workouts but the baby bump needs to be accommodated throughout your pregnancy. Look for workout wear that is specifically sized to your times, shoe and measurements. There should be nothing too constrictive, nor anything too loose. Make sure you do not get too warm, as over-heating can pose a threat to the baby.

3. Go for pregnancy friendly exercises

Walking briskly, swimming regularly and parental yoga are all very healthy and easy on baby. Remember that your joints become loose and your centre of gravity shifts with pregnancy, so you cannot just scale down your usual routine. Seek out a moderate program that keeps you strong and fit in a relaxed and safe manner.

4. Get more rest than usual

Most expectant mothers need more sitting, napping and relaxing, but if you have got a healthy fitness routine going, you need even more time to recoup. Do not keep yourself in overdrive, no matter how much you have got going on or how great your love of working out may be. Keeping yourself fit during this time is a very healthy decision, but it also must be a wise one; listen to your body.

5. Be prepared to modify your routine

You may not be able to keep up that five mile run when you are pregnant, which is totally fine. Hormonal changes during pregnancy make you more flexible and your growing belly can throw off your centre of balance, making your standby workouts more difficult. You may need to cut your workouts a bit short (take a 20 minute walk instead) or decrease your speed or resistance.

If you a pregnant woman, please make it a priority to maintain your health and fitness by following these health tips of pregnancy safe exercise. Feel free to share this piece of information so it can get to that pregnant mother close to you. Share using the social icons below.
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