5 Healthy Foods You Should Always Include In Your Diet

Too many of you are having some misconceptions concerning the effects of some type of foods on your health. For example, some of you belongs to the group that believes that potatoes might lead to weight gain or that dairy products can lead to bloating. Since there are no medical or nutritional facts to attest to these, then they may be quite untrue. Having the idea of always avoiding some certain types of foods just because you believe that they are not healthy for you, let me bring to you 5 foods you should always include in your diet

Healthy foods for your diet

5 Foods You Should Always Include In Your Diet

1. Nuts

Although nuts might highly enriched with fats (e.g. they contain as many kilocalories as small packet of potato chips), contrary to what so many of you believe that it might lead to weight gain, eating nuts on a regular basis can actually help you to checkmate weight gain.

The reason why nuts have this characteristics, according to experts, is because the body does not actually absorb all the fats in nuts. So the energy contribution of nuts is actually less than predicted by calorie calculations. Apart from these, nuts have a high fibre and protein count (This combination helps to reduce appetite and satisfy hunger). So, just as you love including vegetables in your diet, nuts should not be an exception.

2. Dairy

Cheese, a glass of milk, or some cup of yoghurt can actually contribute more to your body than just maintaining the strength of your bones. It can also keep your weight in check. In fact, for people looking to slim down, including three to four serves of dairy, as part of a calorie-controlled diet can actually help accelerate fat loss, particularly from the midsection of your body. This is likely because calcium can reduce the amount of dietary fat absorbed by the body.

If you normally eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and little amount of processed foods, then a splash of full cream on your cereals will cause no harm but rather have an immense contribution to your health. But if you are at risk of heart disease, it is better to be on a safe side and go for low or reduced fat option.

3. Eggs

Though it is a true fact that the yolk of egg contains a lot of cholesterol, but dietary cholesterol (which is normally found in eggs) is not the cause for raising your blood cholesterol levels. But rather, it is the level of saturated fat in your diet that has a greater impact in raising your blood cholesterol levels.

NOTE: eggs are actually very low in saturated fat. You can happily enjoy up to six eggs a week. So get cracking.

4. Potatoes

Among the group of people that are carb-phobic, potato is a culprit that is greatly avoided. Granted, white potatoes have a high Glycemic index (GI) , meaning they are fast to digest causing rapid increase in insulin and blood sugar. But this does not mean we should ditch this vegetable altogether.

Potatoes are a good source of vitamin C and dietary fibre, and can be enjoyed as part of balanced meal (cooked in healthy fats), together with other vegetables and lean sources of protein. Just skip the fried version and crisps.

5. Fruits

In your quest to reduce your sugar intake, avoiding fruits from your diet is quite a wrong idea. The health benefits of eating fresh fruit outweigh any disadvantages posed by it sugar content (despite what anti-sugar crusaders make you to believe).

Always include whole pieces of fruit over fruit juice in your diet so you benefit from all its fibre and disease-fighting antioxidants.

For all the healthy eaters out there, i am sure you might have learnt one or two new things from this page. There are so many other healthy foods you should always include in your diet, but the list is just a few. Kindly share these post on your various social network so that it can get to a friend of yours that might be needing it.
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