3 Facial Signs Of Diseases In Women

Before the actual emergence of a disease or certain ailments, they always presents some sorts of signs. If you are not conscious or have proper knowledge about the you might take them for granted, thereby leading to further complications. Though as a lay man, it is not compulsory for you to have proper knowledge about some of these signs, but when you keep yourself updated with literatures and reviews on health you might not be found wanting.

Facial Signs of Diseases in woman

In line with my statement above, there are health signs that can be so obvious on a face that medical personnel can easily trace it to a particular sickness or disease. Little wonder, why it is so easy for physicians and health practitioners to conclude on a health condition before actually running a test. The face exhibits lots of signs that is usually ignored before a particular sickness sets in. As a woman, never ignore the following facial signs, because they may be leading to something detrimental to your health. 

3 Signs A Woman shouldn't Ignore When They Become Obvious On Her Face


1. When the facial skin becomes extremely dry

When the facial skin becomes extremely dry then abrupt attention should be given, especially  when it is accompanied with equally dry/flaky lips.  It is normal for some set of women to have dry skin but when you noticed it is unusual of you then proper attention should be given to it. Most especially if it is not caused by our popular harmattan season, hot tub baths and some other minor issues. 

When the facial skin and lips becomes extremely dry, it could be as a result of dehydration which may be an indication of poor dietary habits, lack of some essential vitamins or an underlying health problem. You can get your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water and consuming diets that are rich in essential vitamins. If after all these and the condition persists, then it is better you consult your doctor. 

2. Too much facial hair

Studies have revealed that too much of facial hair may be an indication of Ovarian cancer or tumour. 

Although some ladies are naturally hairy, but an excess of it around the lips, jaw line or around the chin may be an indication to an underlying health issue. Excessive hair over the body is usually as a result of hormonal imbalance but to be on a safe side, consult proper investigation from your health practitioners.

3. Extremely yellowish eyes/skin

When the skin and eyes becomes extremely yellowish, it is usually an indicator of jaundice. If you discover that your face and eyes turn extremely yellow and is very noticeable then there is a possibility it is as a result of liver diseases like hepatitis. Such conditions should not be left ignored and untreated.

Yellowish skin can also be an indication that your pancreas or gall bladder are not functioning optimally and hence should be checked as soon as possible. 

These facial signs are highly obvious and can be detected easily. So it is advisable to book an appointment with your doctor or health care providers once these features are seen. Please share this piece of information.
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