Top Ten Health and Wellness Resorts

Vacations are a chance to reset your body, relax your mind and let yourself go with the flow. Long work days, traffic stress and stress related to everyday chores can wind you down. With regular exercise, you can maintain a bit of balance, but it is the change of scenery that actually refreshes you. Why not take a look at the best health and wellness resorts, so you can plan a relaxing and stress-free holiday for yourself?

Top ten Health and wellness resort

1. The Farm, Philippines

The Farm is a luxury resort located in the lush-green Batangas region of Philippines. It is famous for its back-to-nature approach. There is a wide variety of detoxifying treatments, using all-natural, organic and locally sourced products.

At the Farm, only fresh and nutritious raw food is served. This is a beautiful resort, which leaves you rejuvenated and refreshed!

2. Aqua Wellness Resort, Nicaragua

Overlooking the Redondo bay on Nicaragua, this rustic, wellness-focused resort is set on a hillside. The beautiful surroundings are breath-taking. The lush-green vegetation, a sprinkle of wild-life such as howler monkeys and iguanas, healthy cuisine and an ocean-view yoga platform are perfect to refresh and revitalize you.

The interior is all-wood, giving a rustic feel to the place. The white, sandy beach is secluded and you can enjoy some ‘me-time’, soaking in the beautiful view.

3. Kamalaya, Thailand

This is an award winning sanctuary and holistic spa. It is nestled in a valley, overlooking the coast of KohSamui. It is a perfect destination for a detox holiday. It has a bit of history, as well. It believed that Buddhist monks used this exact place as a temple for meditation, which explains the calming effect it has on one’s mind! The staff at Kamalaya is well-trained to provide you with a stimulating environment. A variety of wellness programs are available that ensure you leave the resort feeling rejuvenated!

4. Asclepios Wellness and Healing Resort, Costa Rica

Asclepios is named after the Greek god of healing. It is a wellness center, located in the town of Alajeula, close to the airport but far away from the hustle-bustle of downtown San Jose’.

A lush landscape with a full spa, fitness center, outdoor pool and an organic restaurant are just what you need to escape the hustle bustle of daily life. Yoga and nutrition consultations are available.

5. Canyon Ranch, Tucson

This health spa is located in north Tucson and the focus of this spa is to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle. The d├ęcor of this resort is inspired by the color palette of southwest, adding to the peaceful ambiance.
Immaculate grounds and focused spa treatments are the core of this resort.

6. Hidden Pond, Maine

Spread over 60 acres, this resort is built to resemble a tree-house. Guests have regular yoga classes, can pick vegetables and fruits from the gardens, can go on nature walks, have guided kayak tours and best of all, they are served all-natural, organic cuisine prepared by an acclaimed chef.

Another unique feature is an outdoor bar and grill, set on sand, complete with chairs circled around fire pits. And it is five minutes-drive away from the beach.

7. The Chateau Spa and Organic Wellness Resort, Malaysia

This is one of the oldest wellness resorts, nestled amidst a 150-year old tropical rainforest. It is modeled on an 18th century medieval castle, but don’t let its vintage looks fool you!
 It offers the best and modern European inspired treatments to leave you feeling refreshed. Yoga, horse riding and mountain biking are some of the activities they offer!

8. Zighy Bay, Oman

This hotel and spa is located on a secluded bay, with spectacular mountains creating a grand backdrop and beautiful, sandy beach right in the front. The spa has a range of luxurious therapies to make this a perfect beach spa holiday. Two Arabian hammams and multiple outdoor activities make it a relaxing experience.

9. Ventana Inn and Spa, Big Sur

This is a complete zen and holistic resort. It has a picturesque ocean-land front, which is breath-taking. All the rooms have large windows, giving them a bright and airy look. Japanese baths, yoga classes and discovery walks are all part of this rustic spa!

10. Carillon, Miami Beach

If you want to relax and don’t want to leave the bustling city behind, then this is where you need to go. Located on the Miami beachfront, this spa offers everything you need for health and wellness. From typical spa treatments to a huge fitness center with a rock-climbing wall, all your needs are catered to.

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