Holiday Beauty Tips: How to get the perfect New Year's Eve look

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and you need to look like the belle of the ball, the rock star of the party, and the centre of attention. You are that little light that always shines. Why shouldn’t you be able to say all of that with your New Year’s look?

There are 3 big basics to preparing the perfect New Year’s Eve appearance. According to the Brazilian Butterfly website, the first big step is to drink water and keep your skin healthy. The second step is to rid yourself of hair in potentially unwanted places. Lastly, the final beauty basic is to add a little glow tan to your complexion. To complete your look, keep reading.

Beauty tips for the new year's eve look

Make Your Hair Too Hot to Handle

If you’re a woman, and you likely are, your hair is going to be one of the strongest statements that you can make. This means that you must have an idea of what you want your hair to say for you. Do you want the long, curly locks that are easy to twist and twirl between your fingers while you talk to the guests at your party? Do you want a classy up do that is sure to rub elbows with royalty, if hair could actually rub elbows? Do you want something that can easily convert from one classy style to a much flirtier style later on in the night?

Updos are the rage this year. They are classy and sophisticated with their sleek lines and dazzling hair pins. You could start your night out with a classy French twist and accent it with a gemstone hair pick. You will have the benefit of keeping your hair out of your face while making those around you jealous. Later on in the night, if you want to let loose and let the hair down, you may. Simply pull the hair pick out of your hair and let your curls fall. Why not have the best of both worlds?

Master Your Makeup

Your everyday style of makeup should accent your natural features. It should make you look like you woke up looking as fabulous as you are on the inside. But, New Year’s Eve is the night to go out and dazzle. There is no such thing as too much glitter, as long as it has been done tastefully. Take a highlighter with a fine shimmer and apply it generously, ensure that you cover those dark circles with an excellent concealer, and apply a healthy coat of a dark neutral coloured matte lipstick. The focus of your face on New Year’s Eve should be your eyes. Apply an eyeshadow with a bold colour and tastefully fine glitter. You could go with a solid colour such as a blue, green, or gold. If you really want to knock your look out of the park, then apply two or more bold shades in an ombre pattern.

Make a Statement With Your Outfit

Your outfit should complement your hair and makeup. You want your attire to say, “I am classy, but I have fun”. The little black dress in the back of your closet is a go-to favourite most nights, but it is safe. Consider going with an all glittered or sequined cocktail dress with cap sleeves and an illusion band along the waist. If you are feeling extra confident on New Year’s Eve, then seal your look with silver heels and dazzling bracelet.

Pull It All Together With Personality

You can wear what you like, ensure your makeup is perfect, and flaunt hair that everyone around you envies. You are a gorgeous individual and you on the inside will make you the life of the party. You are fun, fabulous, and full of the kind of personality everyone secretly wishes that they had. Remember to be confident and proud of who you are. Lastly, make sure to have a lot of fun on New Year’s Eve.

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