5 Incredible Yoga Asanas to Overcome Eyesight Problem

Do you spend your days in front of the computer screens? Have you ever wondered what the result of all this is?

Sitting in a place for hours together, gazing into the computer screen without any physical activity is damaging you as a whole in ways more than you can imagine. Your body gets exhausted and drained of all the energy, the lower back and neck pains are a free parcel, and your eyes get strained to an extent you haven’t thought of. So what can you do about it?

Yoga Asanas to Overcome Eyesight Problem

You can make yoga a way of healthy life. Yoga has the power to reverse all the damage you have been doing to your body for all these years. Yoga asanas are designed to benefit you in more than one way. They can help you get relief from chronic pains, problems with the internal organs and of eyesight. Yoga for eyesight includes simple eye exercises that assist you with near and farsightedness, aging, stress, and headaches.

Listed down are a few simple eye yoga movements to help your eyes live a longer and healthy life.

1. Blinking
We tend to blink less as our eyes get tired and stressed. Blinking less is not good for the general health of our eyes. By blinking less, we deprive our eyes of nutrients that it needs. It stresses the eyes even more and can cause damage which might be permanent.

This simple exercise has a lot of benefits for the eyes and can be performed anytime and anywhere. Sit comfortably with your eyes open and legs crossed. Now, blink your eyes around ten times, quickly. Once you finish the count, close your eyes and relax for 20 seconds.

2. Simple Palming
Simple palming, as the name suggests, is simple to do but has a lot of benefits for your stressed out eyes. Staring at the computer screens can cause severe eye strain, making your eyes burn and giving you pounding headaches. You need to calm your eyes down. It helps in calming the nerves and relieve anxiety.

Now to do this exercise, sit on the floor with your legs crossed. Keep your eyes closed and rub your palms together. Place your palms on the eyes and feel the warmth. Repeat this for about ten times and then slowly open your eyes looking at your palms.

3. Up and down viewing
Exercises of the eyes help you improve your concentration and avoid dry eyes. Eyes are a delicate part of the body, and they need proper care and attention. Up and down viewing helps in improving the vision of the eyes and improves focus.

Sit on the floor with your legs crossed and hands on the knees. Relax and keep your eyes open. Now slowly inhaling raise your eyeballs and look up. Now while exhaling, lower the eyeballs and look down. Do this for about 20 repeats and then end with the simple palming.

4. Front and sideways viewing
As similar to up and down viewing, front and sideways viewing also has similar benefits for your eyes. This exercise helps in improving the focus, concentration and improves eyesight.

Start this exercise by sitting on the floor with your hands on the knees. While inhaling, slowly look on your left. Then look straight while exhaling. Repeat the same on the right side. Do this for about 20 reps for both sides and then rest.

5. Diagonal movement
Moving eyes in a particular pattern helps them to improve concentration and calms down the nerves. To do this pose, sit on the floor with legs crossed and hands on the knees. Now roll your eyes up on the diagonal right side, do this while inhaling your breath. Now move the eyeballs down towards the diagonal left. Exhale while you look down. Repeat this for about ten times. Once done, alternate the sides, diagonal left on the top and right diagonal downwards. Do this for ten reps as well and then relax.

After completing all the above yoga for healthy eyes, lie in Savasana (corpse pose) for a few minutes and relax completely. Breathe gently and normally, and do not resist any thoughts or sensations during the exercise.

Taking care of our body and its organs is our prime duty. And how to do that is our decision. Adapting to medications and treatments might get you temporary relief, but for a long term escape, yoga is the rightest choice. It has the power to calm down your body, relieve stress and increase your body’s flexibility, which is beneficial in many ways. So make yoga a part of your life, and this one decision you’ll never regret.

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