6 best ways you can prevent liver disease

Liver disease is very common in this our present age, and this can be greatly linked to unhealthy lifestyles and nonchalant dieting. For every problem, it is best to seek for a solution, and that is the main reason you have to try as much as possible prevent the occurrence of this diseases that affects the liver.
normal liver and one having a liver disease

Alcohol and obesity are the most common causes of chronic liver disease in some part of Asia (India to be precise) closely followed by Hepatitis B & C. In addition, water borne hepatitis viruses A & E contribute to acute liver failure. You can prevent liver disease by following a few simple tips, just like the ones i am going to be revealing to you. So, read on!

1. Ensure that your water and food are safe
Hepatitis A & E is transmitted by contaminated food and water. It is your duty to ensure that the water you drink is clean and should either be boiled or ionized. Swimming pools can be contaminated and pathogens can be ingested accidentally. Ensure that the swimming pool you frequent is clean and well maintained.

2. Practice safe blood transfusion
Contaminated blood can transmit hepatitis B & C which goes undiagnosed for many years and this can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer. Individuals must practice their right to know about their physiological safety when blood transfusion is required under any medical condition. There are compulsory screening processes involved during blood purification and transfusion; check that your blood bank follows protocol to avoid contamination.

3. Make use of sterilized sharp objects
Hepatitis B & C is also transmitted by contaminated sharp instruments. Proper sterilisation of syringes, needles and surgical cutting instruments must be ensured before use. Ideally, only disposable syringes and needles should be used. Another common cause of these infections is unsafe practices by local barbers. Specifically ask your barber to change blade each time you get a shave or haircut.

4. Stay away from alcohol
Alcohol abuse has adverse effects on the entire GI tract but more so on liver. Fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, alcoholic cirrhosis and liver cancer are very common with those who consume alcohol in excess. The only solution to keep your liver healthy is to keep away from alcohol or limit yourself to moderate consumption.

5. Get Vaccinated
Vaccines are available to protect individuals from Hepatitis B & A. Keep yourself vaccinated.

6. Exercise often
Obesity has been identified as yet another significant cause of chronic liver disease in India. Patients with obesity should consult a gastroenterologist to avoid any damage. Also, exercising is a must for all who have a tendency to put on weight relatively fast.

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