3 top ways to grow a beard faster

As a young man grow older, there is time one big question will always come to his mind, and the question is “how can I make my beard grow faster?” Facial hair is the cause of much jealousy and for many, the peak measure of one’s masculinity. Growing a beard is a journey. A journey on which you are bound to become at least a little impatient from time to time. It never quite seems like your facial hair is growing at the impressive speed you imagined.

grow beard faster
Perceived wisdom says that there is nothing you can do to make your beard grow faster. When you ask a bristly brother for beard-growing tips, he will probably hit you with little more than a wisecrack. The thing is, there are a few things that you can do to encourage your beard to grow faster and thicker. And while there is no secret recipe to have your beard all grown within a week, there are some simple steps that you can introduce into your daily routine to help you along on your bearded journey.

1. Commit to growing a beard

Picture this: you forget to set your alarm and wake up groggy, twenty minutes before work. In your haste not to be late on the one day of the week that you know your boss gets in early, you dispense with your daily shave. It gets to 3 o’clock, you look in the bathroom mirror and think ‘I actually look pretty good with some stubble’. The next day you skip the shave again, this time on purpose. Before too long people start asking you if you are growing a beard.

Most guys will not realise that they have started to grow a beard until they are at least a few days down. When you are at that crossroad, you need to commit to the beard. The initial stages might be a little itchy and make you feel like a relapsed alcoholic in a cheesy daytime movie. But if you can get over the initial hump you will feel a lot better about the whole thing. Many men find that they just need to get over the ‘four-week hump’ before feeling like they have a beard.

2. Leave your beard alone

Depending on the coarseness of your facial hair along with the sensitivity of your skin, those initial four weeks might feel frustratingly itchy. It is at these times that you will most feel like throwing in the towel. Resist the urge to shave, trim, twirl or scratch your facial hair. You want to get over the hump from patchy facial hair to a full beard. That means that any grooming is off the table. Once you pass that four-week mark, then you can start to think about shaping it.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that shaving will make your hair grow back thicker either. Unfortunately, that old wives tale has no basis in fact. The less you think about it in these early stages, the more likely you are to let it grow. Before you know it, the days of the itch will be long behind you.

3. Vitamins for beard growth

They say that the health of your hair offers a window into your health as a human. Facial hair is no different, and maintaining a balanced diet can help to encourage faster growth. Your hair is made of protein, so foods rich in protein will contribute to making a stronger, healthier beard. Low iron levels can result in stunted hair growth or loss, so make sure your diet has plenty of iron-rich foods. Vitamin C helps the body absorb that iron.

Omega-3 fatty acids contribute to keeping your hair hydrated and can be found in oily fish like salmon and sardines. Increasing your vitamin A intake will help your body make sebum which provides a natural conditioner. Finally, too little of the B-vitamin biotin in your diet can lead to a brittle beard, avoid that with foods like whole grain and egg yolk.

A balanced diet is key, but of course, if you find that you are not getting enough of these vitamins you can look to supplements. As with any diet, you should speak with your Doctor to create a safe supplement intake and sustainable diet.
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