13 Popular Symptom Of A Drinking Problem

Everything taken at an optimum level is always good, even if it is alcohol. When you start taking it in an increased amount eventually, then it becomes an addiction. You become an alcohol addict and sometimes you are not even aware of it. There are signs that indicate that you have become addicted to alcohol and these signs are usually observed by the people around you which you are not at all aware of.

popular symptom of a drinking problem

It’s a very grave problem hence it’s compulsory to identify right kinds of alcoholism treatment Centres such as Charter Harley Street. There are few common signs that indicate that you have become an alcohol addict which are described as below.

#1. Drink To Relieve Stress And Boredom

When you start drinking, you find excuses to have it as you can't stay away from it. Normally, the drinkers feel that when they drink, their stress is relieved. They keep on convincing themselves with this reason and keep on drinking.

#2. Can't Limit It

When you cannot limit the quantity of the alcohol intake, it is indicated that you have become an addict to it. You tend to take more and more quantity of alcohol. The increased amount of intake indicates that you have become an alcohol addict.

#3. Want To Drink Alone

When your tendency to drink increases, you tend or try to drink alone. Normally, you do not enjoy anyone's company while drinking and avoid if anyone insists so. This is another sign that you want to drink alone so that you can drink as much as you want. This sign again indicates that you have become an alcohol addict.

#4. Start Hiding

When your tendency to take alcohol increases and it crosses the limit, then you start hiding it from people around you. This is because you don't want to limit yourself in its consumption and so you start hiding it from the people. This is yet another sign of being an alcoholic.

#5. The Side Effects Don't Affect You

The alcohol effects like hangover don't affect you. Your resistance power to alcohol effects increases and you don't get a hangover so easily. This is another sign of getting an alcohol addict.

#6. Spending More Time In Consumption

When you tend to intake more alcohol, you also tend to spend more time in consuming it. This is because of the increased consumption of alcohol. You are not even aware of this thing and do it unconsciously. This indicates that you are moving towards the addiction of alcohol.

#7. One More Is Never Enough

This is the biggest sign of an alcohol addict. You never get satisfied with one drink or two. You always keep on convincing your mind that one more needed. This never stops and the consumption increases naturally which indicates that you have become an addict.

#8. Behaving Violently When Drunk

This is something a person is never aware of when he is drunk. He gets violent frequently when is drunk and doesn't bother about his behavior with his own people. This sign strongly indicates that the person has become an addict to alcohol.

#9. You May Be Suffering From A Fatal Disease

Due to over drinking habit, you may be suffering from diseases the of heart or any other fatal disease like cancer. But, you don't realize that even a couple of more drinks can worsen your disease and may lead to death or any such serious thing. This shows that you have got completely trapped into the addiction of alcohol.

#10. Changes In Activities And Lifestyle

Due to the addiction towards alcohol, your lifestyle changes, and your activities too take a change. You don't even realize your behavior or your attitude towards your daily activities go under change. This is a sign of an extreme addict of alcohol.

#11. Increased physical symptoms

When you get strongly and extremely addicted to alcohol, you start getting some physical effects like nausea, sweating, trembling hands and more. This indicates that you are completely into your addiction.

#12. You Defend Yourself And Your Situation

When you can't stop drinking, you always find strong excuses of taking it and not stopping it. You rationalize yourself for having it and continuing to it. This shows that you just can't get out from it.

#13. Severe Hangovers

When the consumption increases to the extreme level, you start getting severe hangovers and this starts affecting your health adversely.


If you find yourself trapped into any of the above mentioned symptoms then, become aware of it and get yourself out from the fatal addiction of alcohol.

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