Hair care: How to Put a Stop to Split Ends

put a stop to split ends

Anyone can face split ends and lose their hair. Mostly, the splitting of hair occurs due to dryness and frizz. Also, wrong hair treatments can lead to split ends. If you use hair styling tools like dryers and straighteners excessively or cosmetics like sprays and serums, you will surely face split ends. Other common causes of split ends include over washing, using chemical treatments and using bad quality combs, brushes, pins, etc. So, by avoiding these things, you can prevent split ends or hair damage. For making your hair healthy, you need to follow all essential tips and precautions. Below, I have shared 4 important hair care tips through which you can put a stop to split ends:

1. Brush Your Hair Properly

It is a good habit to brush your hair every day. But, if you don’t know the right procedure to brush your hair, you can face hair problems. First, you should select better quality brushes. Look for brushes that have flexible bristles. Well, you can go for Pure Boar Bristle Brush or the wide-tooth comb. Next, use it correctly and properly on your hair from root to tip. First, brush your hair ends and then carefully move to the midsection. Slowly and slowly remove tangles and knots from different sections of your hair. Finally, pull the hair brush through the entire length of your hair. By using the hair brush properly and correctly, you can avoid split ends.

2. Shampoo Twice every day

One of the best ways to get rid of split ends is to shampoo twice in a day. The first wash is required for rinsing away excess oils, sloppy debris, and worn-out or dead cells. And, second wash helps in nourishing the skin and enhancing blood circulation. Basically, the second wash focuses on the hair scalp, which needs effective and proper care every time. After washing your hair, you should use a decent hair conditioner (paraben free conditioner) that helps in setting the hair ends from where split ends can occur. Certainly, you need to follow some tips when washing hair with shampoos:

          You must purchase a better quality shampoo which can surely remove excess oils and dead cells.
          You must not wash your hair with hot water that can rinse away protective hair oils.
          Unlike other hair ends, you should particularly shampoo your scalp.

3.  Avoid Excessive Use of Hair Straightening Tools

No doubt, flat irons, and blow dryers allow the creation of vast hairstyles in shorter periods. But, if you make too much use of hair straighteners, you will only get hair fall and hair loss problems, instead of beautiful hairstyles. The high heat and temperature of hair straighteners has the capability to damage hair and cause split ends. If you go on using flat irons or blow dryers, again and again, you can even avail physical hair trauma. Well, if you want to use hair styling tools, you can go for hair straighteners or blow dryers that do not involve high heat or temperature. Also, you can look for natural methods for drying your hair. Through the natural air, not only you can provide the better look to your hair but can also make them healthy for longer periods. And about hair styling tools, you must purchase high-quality flat irons or dryers.

4. Consider Natural Home Remedies

 Through natural ingredients, you can make your hair healthy and shiny without facing any side effect. By using eggs, papayas or avocados, you can make wonderful hair styling remedies. These foods contain vast proteins, amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins that help in strengthening the hair roots. By applying solutions made from these foods, you can also avail fantastic hair conditioning and eradicate split ends. Along with these foods, you also need to get curd, oils and honey for making effective hair solutions. After taking all necessary things, blend them in a container and make a thick mixture. Then, apply the solution on your hair and leave it for 25-30 minutes. Then, wash your hair with a better quality shampoo and cold water. These ingredients provide one of the best hair straightening treatments and prevent split ends.


For putting a stop to split ends and damaged hair, you should follow some hair care tips. You should select brushes with flexible bristles like the Pure Boar Bristle Brush. After washing your hair with a decent quality shampoo, you should use condition your hair with conditioners like the Paraben free conditioner. You must not use hair straighteners and blow dryers time, and again, that can cause physical hair trauma. You should use eggs, avocados or papayas for making natural hair remedies. If you follow all these tips regularly, you will surely prevent split ends.  

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