5 tips for improving your bone health

improving your bone health

Talking about the bone health, many individual does not really place it as a top priority, they channel their attention to some other parts of their body. But if you should take a closer look, you will discover that in reality, the health of your bones is vital to every single movement you make. To enhance you movement, rigidity and support, then you should be giving great attention to your bone health. In this post, it will be a pleasure to share some simple suggestions on how to improve and maintain your bone health throughout your life.

Tips for improving and maintaining your bone health

1. Put those bones to work
Keeping your body moving is essential to bone improvement and maintenance. To achieve the best benefits, exercises should be a combination of both muscle and bone strengthening, not just cardio. Weight bearing exercises are best for bone strengthening and include activities such as running or jumping rope, and some more intense sports like tennis or volleyball. If you prefer a less-active sport, try walking or yoga.

2. Increase your consumption of Vitamin D
Vitamin D helps bones absorb calcium and is necessary to ensure bone growth, improvement, and maintenance. Some healthy food sources for Vitamin D are fatty fish (like salmon, tuna or mackerel), cheese, egg yolks, mushrooms, and low-fat yogurt and milk. The older you get, the more Vitamin D you need. Ask your healthcare professional for additional dietary tips to ensure your body is getting enough.

3. Eat foods enriched with calcium
Complimentary to Vitamin D, calcium is key for bone, teeth, muscle, and nerve function. Eating foods that are high in calcium throughout the day can ensure that your bones are retaining enough calcium to maintain a healthy bone density. Some calcium-rich foods include: oranges, broccoli, low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese, almonds, edamame, kale, sardines and salmon.

4. Know the family lineage your bones originated from
More than half of your bone density is a result of genetics. Knowing your family history can help predict, detect patterns and prevent some bone deficiency conditions. Sharing what you know about your family’s history will assist your healthcare professional in determining what test or supplements you may need to maintain your bone health. If you do not know your family history and are concerned about your bone health a simple bone density test will allow your healthcare professional to provide better guidance.

5. Drink less caffeine and alcohol
Both are well enjoyed drinks of choice, but both can impair your bone growth and health by blocking or reducing calcium absorption. If you are a big fan, you do not have cut these beverages out of your life completely.- As long as your calcium consumption is adequate , you can still enjoy these beverages in moderation.

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